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Air Motion Hairbrush

Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp, circulates blood, removes dirt and debris as well as knots and tangles. However, brushing can put a strain on the hair, scalp and hair follicles, particularly if you have tangled, matted hair and this can lead to split ends and hair breakage.

So is there a brush out there to minimize this risk? I have been testing the AirMotion hairbrush. RRP £11.95

Developed by British stylist Grange Snell, AirMotion has been designed using patent pending, built-in AirShock absorption technology that provides an excellent brushing experience.

With over 27 years experience within the hair industry, Grange invented AirMotion aiming to create the best possible brush to tackle those tangles.

“As a professionally trained hairstylist by trade, I wanted to invent and design a brush which incorporated revolutionary design, high-quality materials with outstanding performance: the result is a precision engineered, multi–use hairbrush,” says Grange Snell.

AirMotion is a multi-use hairbrush developed by industry experts who understand the daily stress and strain upon your hair. Developed specifically to reduce wear and tear on your hair and by using superliteTM materials, AirMotion glides along the contours of your head and is one of the most advanced hairbrushes on the market.

Discover the science behind the brush:

Tri-Bristle configuration: Unique Tri-Bristle technology combines 3 different lengths and diameters of bristle providing ultimate penetration for any hair type...meaning no hair is left untouched creating an excellent hair brushing experience, gliding through your hair leaving it smooth, detangled and stress free. 

Air Shock: Patent pending Air Shock absorption technology reduces the strain on your hair making it super gentle and reducing breakage 

Stress free detangling: glides through the hair when wet or dry with effortless hassle and minimised pulling and damage (When wet, a healthy strand of hair can stretch an additional 30% of its original length, so the less we stretch the better)

Perfectly balanced: The perfectly balanced shape and size with ergonomically friendly handle makes AirMotion suitable for even the smallest of more brushes flying across the room! 

Smoothes as it brushes: The Tri-Bristle formation actually helps to smooth and straighten hair, helping to remove frizz while you brush to leave hair soft and glossy 

Scalp friendly: All the bristles are hand polished to be kind to the scalp 

Happy when wet: AirMotion won’t slip out of your hand so take it to the pool, gym or use in the shower! 

For everyone: Perfect for both left and right handed users 

I found AirMotion easy and comfortable to use, incredibly lightweight, helpful when blow-drying your hair and small enough to tuck in my bag. I instantly noticed how smooth and shiny it left my hair; it just took a couple of strokes to tame my hair, very impressive!

Your hair is actually dead, with the exception of the hair still inside the epidermis of your scalp, hence the importance of taking great care when brushing, and styling.

Interestingly, your hair contains information about everything that has ever been in your bloodstream, including drugs, and is one of the most commonly used types of forensic evidence. The only thing about you that can’t be identified by your hair is your gender—men’s hair and women’s hair is identical in structure.

Apart from bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, growing slightly faster in warm weather, due to heat stimulating blood circulation and encouraging hair growth. Hair is fascinating stuff. Its sets a frame for our faces, helps to identify our individuality and each single hair has a lifespan of about five years – So let’s look after them all…

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Poppy Watt