Be Seen in Green!

All In Green

Our friends at the image consultants are offering our readers advice on personal image. And they say we are all going green. 

Wearing green, whether it’s mint, olive or anything in between, shows creativity and imagination. Once thought unlucky, in the world of fashion green brings a vital spark to virtually any garment from a winter coat to a fun mock-croc handbag.

To wear green successfully, however, you need to understand the undertone (yellow or blue-based) and how this fits with your own colouring.

Which Green to Wear?

Teal - spruce - pine - forest - sage - verbena - light moss - grey green - moss - olive - yellow green - lime - apple green - kelly green - fern - true green - evergreen - emerald green - icy green - mint - sea green - peppermint - jade - blue green - emerald turquoise - peacock - turquoise - light teal - duckegg - petrol - dark teal

Choose your greens carefully.

If you have light colouring (light blonde hair and pale blue eyes) keep your greens as light as possible; wear on their own or mix with other shades from you palette to include light aquas and turquoises.

If you have deep colouring (dark hair, dark eyes) you can wear the darkest green from bottle to pine, and olive too and can mix any shades of your palette from dark on dark or dark and light.

If you are warm coloured (think red head, freckles) greens are made for you as long as you keep to those with yellow undertones. Teals are great and bronze, moss and sage.

If you are cool coloured (that's you if your hair is salt-and-pepper, silver or ashy blonde); your greens will be blue- based like spruce or pine.

Clear colouring (dark hair and bright jewel-like eyes) means you will look fabulous in all the teals, duckeggs and turquoises.

If none of the categories above are you, you may well have soft colouring (highlighted hair, muted eye) and will want to wear your greens tone-on-tone and blended. Think jades, teals and grey-greens.

What to Wear in Green

Everything is in green this autumn, from daywear to eveningwear; wool to velvet; suede to leather; coats to dresses; jackets to cardigans. If it is all too much for you, why not bring greens in your accessories instead.

What colour make-up to wear with green?

Please, don't wear a green eyeshadow 'to match' what you wear! Unless you are 20 and have never seen the 60s and 70s before. You’ll want to stay clear of the matchy-matchy eye make-up and garment.

Let's not forget our fantastic mint primer - apply before your foundation if you have some redness to the cheeks (or the chin) and you want to unify your skin tone before you start your make-up proper!

You are much better off looking at neutral shades of shadows and using an eye pencil to define the eye. Choose moss if you have a warm undertone or teal if you have cool undertones.

Poppy Watt

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