Wally the Washer

Wally the Washer

Wally the Washer

Introducing Wally - a whacky new toy washing machine, who every child will love!

New for Autumn comes the Wally the Washer table-top game (rrp £24.99, age 4+), developed exclusively for little ones by those wonderful boffins at Drumond Park. 

Young children just love watching the clothes spinning round in their washing machine at home – and now they can have their own toy version!  Wally spins just like the real thing, then spills out his washing - as young players race to collect their coloured clothes – and be the first to fill their washing line. 

Watch out for the dirty old sock!  If it tumbles out with the washing on your turn, you must put all the clothes back and wear the giant clothes peg on your nose, until the next time the dirty sock appears.

So simple – so much fun!

This irresistible game is easy to set up and play.  You load all the clothes and the dirty sock into the drum and close the door.  Each player decides what colour of clothes they are going to collect and takes a washing line and a pair of poles of the colour they have selected.  Then Wally is placed within easy reach of everyone, his switch is turned on and his drum starts spinning away. 

Each child in turn then has a go at stopping Wally whirling – and as the contents of his drum tumble out, one of the following things will happen:

Only clothes fall out of Wally: Each player picks up their own coloured clothes and quickly hangs them up on their washing line.

Clothes and the DIRTY SOCK fall out:  Any clothes that fell out at the same time as the sock must be put back into Wally’s drum.  The player who stopped Wally spinning then takes the giant clothes peg from the player who is currently wearing it and puts it on their own nose – and keeps wearing it until the next time the dirty sock pops out!

Nothing falls out of Wally:  The player’s turn is finished.

Each game ends when one of the players has hung all their coloured clothing on their washing line – and is declared THE WINNER! 

We all enjoyed playing this game; it was fun as well as stimulating. Table-top games play a crucial role in children's development and growth. This particular game certainly helped the little ones learn simple colour and basic counting. As well as an important aspect of brain development as they help acquire logical and reasoning skills, table-top games boost critical thinking and help children gain spatial reasoning. Playing board games also helps with learning, social and communication skills as well.

In short to help boost your child’s confidence and motivation bring on the board games!

For more information and stockists please visit www.drumondpark.com

Poppy Watt

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