Uh Oh - Pumpazing A Real Action Game For Kids

Pumpazing Box & Zingy

Poppy Watt tests out her motor skills with the new Pumpazing action game suitable for ages 4+.

Incredibly simple to use, the game is ideal for groups of young children and perfect for parties, as children can all play together.

Zingy is the main character and has four colourful Zinger friends that perch along the top his head. The aim is to pull his arms outwards pumping air into his body. At unpredictable intervals each one of his cheeky zingers will pop off making a silly noise.

Children take in turns – pass-the-parcel style – to madly pump with their arms till one of the Zinger heads flies off. Each Zinger launched makes a wonderful Whizzy noise. To stay in the game you may hear a Zing or a Boing sound… but if he shouts Uh Oh when it is your turn you are out – till the next round!

You can play a simple starter version of the game with younger children or the full game for the older children by using the Life Cards in the box.

Anticipation creates laughter and screams of triumph. My only point would be the Zingy friends are made of hard plastic so be careful where they hit when playing the game.

Poppy Watt.


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