Toys For Christmas 2013 – Logo Billionaire

Toy For Christmas 2013

Board games are arguably never more popular than around the festive season and there are a host of great options available, with everything from Monopoly through to Scrabble and Risk sure entertaining families everywhere following the traditional Christmas lunch.

So rather than look at the obvious we went for something a little more unusual with the brand new game concept from Drumond Park and the latest addition to their games portfolio – LOGO Billionaire.

Retailing at £24.99 and suitable for players aged 8 plus, this is a game for anyone with a business mind and nerves of steel.

The object is to buy and sell famous UK brands for vast sums of money, becoming a high-powered corporate trader, putting famous brands together to form companies - and launching them on the stock market.  You’ll need a clear head, cool, calm tactics and be prepared to take unbelievable business risks.

I played this with three generations of the family members and from fun loving game players we became power crazed business operators, revealing the darker side of our characters! 

We opted to play the introductory Apprentice version. However, for those more madly business minded there is a more skillful, strategic Executive game to master with plenty of scope for lucrative deals as you work your way around the board, collecting and trading big brand cards while negotiating new company launches. 

If you play the Apprentice version of LOGO Billionaire you each will start the game with a buoyant financial holding of 50 Million from the Bank. 

All players are given an Official Certificate of Ownership for their corporation and you collect big name UK brands from six different colour coded categories – Cars, Snacks, Home, Grocery, Health and Sweets. 

Using the spinner, you move around the board, collecting brand cards as you go.  You only make money when you take the plunge and launch a company by collecting at least three cards from one category. 

Once you’ve launched your company, it’s time for some shrewd action to reveal your resilience, attitude to risk… and your ultimate reaction to the gut-wrenching excitement of make-or-break situations! 

Taking a card from the top of the ‘Risky Business’ pile gives a valuation for each brand within your company.  It could be 10M, 20M or 30M – and you can keep taking as many cards as you wish, adding up the amounts on each of the cards you have taken and multiplying it by the number of brands you hold within that company for your final valuation. This will set you on your way to the ultimate goal of one Billion (1 x 100M)! 

You’ll be raring to take more than one Risky Business card… but beware; financial transactions can be an almighty gamble… Lurking in that enticing pile of mega multi-millions are some most unwelcome ‘BUST’ cards to bring your fledgling company crashing before it’s even had a chance to get off the ground!

But keep going, add to your brands and float as many new companies as you can and beat your business rivals to become the first Apprentice LOGO Billionaire! 

Once we got into the swing of things this was certainly an entertaining game, although probably more suited to older children and adults.

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Poppy Watt


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