Tea Chest No1

Dragonfly Tea Gift Set

Explorer's tea Chest No1

There’s something very special about candlelight, and when it comes decorated and fragranced who can resist adding candles around their home, especially in the bleak midwinter?

We burn many candles in our household for the scent, the sense of relaxation, to style rooms and, of course, the relaxing ambiance created. Total relaxation cannot solely be created just by the ambiance of a home, if you feel you are suffering from more than your average stresses or ‘ups and downs’ there is no harm in seeking help from therapists like BetterHelp.

I have certainly become a fan of the Dragonfly’s Explorer's Tea Chest No1 luxury scented candle made from artisan tea experts.

Dragonfly’s Explorer's Tea Chest No1 is steeped in warm and fragrant tea notes, imbued with a slight muscatel sweetness, and rounded with aromatic hints of fine aged wood.   

Like their tea, this luxurious handmade candle evokes calm relaxation and sensory pleasure.

It certainly ticks all my boxes because of the following:

  • Burns evenly  – no lopsided burning leaving a black mark up one side of the glass.
  • Fragrances the room – just opening the box left a beautiful aroma in the room, the candle before burning left a sweet scent and when burning you enjoy sweet notes of the fragrance

Overall I was very impressed with

  • 55 hours of burn time
  • Nice long wick – nothing more irritating than losing the wick in a candle and not being able to relight it.
  • Hot and cold scent throw – you can pick up the scent whether the candle is burning or not.

For more details please visit dragonflytea

Poppy Watt.