The Little Dog Laughed

The Little Dog Laughed

The Little Dog Laughed

Such fun cards and gifts for pet lovers.

Every dog must have his day and that’s especially true thanks to company founder and designer Anna Danielle of The Little Dog Laughed – producing greetings cards and gifts for those potty about their pets.

The company was formed by Anna back in 1998 in Derby, and now employs ten. A sibling enterprise, Anna and her brothers Gavin and Nathan working together producing products  inspired by their mutual love of our furry friends.

Anna studied printed textiles at Winchester School of Art where she began designing greeting cards. She primarily works with watercolour and pen and gathers inspiration from photos and anecdotes loyal Little Dog followers send to her via email or her Facebook page. She considers herself ridiculously lucky to be able to earn a living doing something she has always loved.

Anna’s latest designs are set within a home environment, which is how the collection “digs & manor” came to be named. The dog in his digs and the cat in her manor.  Mixing sophisticated home colours with musings from a pet perspective has turned her digs & manor range into firm favourite.

Douglas Glasses case RRP £12.50

I love the Douglas The Boy Wonder Glasses Case, which either inhabits my handbag, or takes center stage on my desk at work.

After much research into glasses cases and red flock lining, the team at Little Dog Towers created this little wonder. Douglas products are both stylish and practical.  Anna Danielle’s love of Norway and the influence of clean and simple Scandinavian design resonate across this collection.

Douglas The Boy Wonder was discovered in a little antique shop in deepest Norfolk. His fur is patchy, his stuffing loose and his wheels missing. Douglas (never Doug), loves the beach, long walks, flea markets, top quality sausages and a nice bit of cheese. He has a penchant for neckerchiefs and a bit of an obsession with all things red, especially balls, rarely leaving home without one. Douglas knows very little about his past but he is on a mission to find his original wheels. This partly explains his love of flea markets and car boot sales but doesn’t really explain his frequenting, testing and rating of the good, honest, quality pubs of Britain. By day Douglas The Boy Wonder is the face of The Little Dog Laughed promoting all their latest products with panache. By night he is just a little dog standing in front of the world wanting it to love him.

You can find Anna’s latest creation in various independent gift shops and garden centres around the UK and if you are going abroad you may also stumble across Douglas down under or in New Zealand.

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