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LOGO from Drumond Park

Poppy Watt reviews the Logo games and says these two games from Drumond Park are in her year’s top five.

What great games! They were fun, easy to play and educational, but more importantly these games allowed pure quality time interacting with family and friends and what is more rewarding?

First up was The LOGO board game from Drumond Park. For 2-6 players aged 12+ (rrp £32.99)

This is perfect for group entertainment and tests how good you are at recognising well known brands and their logos, alongside knowledge questions based on hundreds of the UK’s best loved products and organisations – from Aero Bubbles, Bird’s Eye, Chelsea Football Club and BMW… to Walkers crisps and Wrigley’s gum. Oh dear did I just give some away?

It’s surprising who knows what! I was amazed at the obscure, hidden knowledge we all had tucked away that popped up to the surface when prompted.

It made me realise how powerful product branding is, and what a good job companies do incorporating it into our everyday lives without us really knowing. The youngsters absorb so much information and could answer questions with such speed before I had time to even acknowledge the picture! From the expression and delight on their faces I could see it was very satisfying for them.

The Logo Board game consists of 400 question cards in three categories –
200 Pictorial, 100 Themed and 100 Pot Luck. 
Each picture card features full or part- logo
images to identify, with questions relating to the brand.

The answers on the themed cards relate to the headings, such as Birds (eg Kiwi Shoe Polish, Penguin, Swan Vestas) and Relatives (e.g. Aunt Bessie’s, Daddies, Uncle Ben’s). And in Pot Luck you’ll find an interesting variety of brand-related questions, which have everyone wanting to shout out the answers – even if it’s not their turn!

The aim is to head for the Winning Zone in the centre of the board – and once there, the first person to answer his or her question correctly WINS!

It was fun to play and you get so excited you can’t help but shout out the answer when you know it, even the non players in the room were getting involved with their input! We played in teams because there was a large group, but you can play with up to six individual players.

 LOGO What Am I? For 3-6 players aged 8+  (rrp £24.99).

I like this game because it was designed to be played by children independently to help draw together many crucial aspects of communication and gamesmanship. Once again everyone can relate to the famous name products and brands and are able to join in, which makes it ideal for all the family.

This time, players are asked to guess it, draw it or describe it.  LOGO what am I? Comes with a colourful playing board, 60-second timer and hundreds of question cards featuring lots more really well known products and companies. Ugg Boots, Raybans, Rolex, iPod, Smarties, Toblerone, Raleigh Bicycle, Reebok and lots more lifestyle favourites make an appearance on the hundreds of cards, which come with this clever and original game!


Keeping abreast of the times Drumond Park now have a LOGO board game app.

It’s on the Apple list (for iPhones and iPads), and it’s absolutely free! This is the one and only Official LOGO app, published with fully granted permissions and approvals from all the contributing companies. Big-name favourites include Argos, Birds Eye, British Gas, Campbell’s
Express, Ready Brek, Tesco, Tetley, Vauxhall and Wagon Wheels. There are 7 question types - Reveal, Blur, Tilt, Grid, Shape, Colour and Trivia - and 12 levels of play, involving more than 1,600 questions and approaching 400 images in all.

For stockists and to play games online, visit

Or download The Official LOGO Board Game App from the iTunes Store App Store... it’s FREE! 

Poppy Watt


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