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Slow down!  Let’s enjoy family time … together

Spending unhurried, absorbing time together is one of the greatest joys experienced between parents and children, and is so often brushed aside in the frantic pace of day to day life, when it’s actually the very thing your offspring want and need. 

Recent surveys undertaken on the biggest regrets parents have about their children’s early years reveal that a huge proportion regretted not playing with their children more… However, an ever-increasing band of parents are recognising that making time for our children is hugely positive.  And when playing games we have to take OUR turn, join in… and play the game!  

More and more parents and grandparents are identifying that playing table games is an excellent, easy and satisfying way to spend multi-generational time together while bolstering self-esteem and confidence, and providing a rich seam of learning opportunities. 

Through game play, children and teenagers learn to master new skills and concepts, including social and communication skills while sharing, listening, waiting, taking turns and generally exploring the art of social interaction. In addition, games encourage the ability to focus, lengthening your child’s attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, pleasurable experience. 

Win or lose … but never give up!

Even the simplest of table games introduce and reinforce essential life skills and messages – for example, the knowledge that your luck can change in an instant, for the better or worse!  The concept of winning and losing - certainly harder for some children than others - is constantly explored and experienced. Just when you’re feeling despondent, you might turn it all around and hit the jackpot or the finish line … with the key message that as long as you stay in the game and keep on trying, you’re in with a chance.

Play games this Christmas – there’s something for everyone

Drumond Park Games has been delivering an impressive array of much loved children’s, family and adult games for almost three decades, including the perennially popular Articulate! Board game, and its recently updated junior version, Articulate for Kids

Many of the company’s games are developed in-house, including the UK’s Number One best-selling LOGO picture board game which tests how good you are at recognising well-known brands and their logos, alongside knowledge questions based on literally hundreds of the UK’s best-loved products and organisations.

By popular demand, Drumond Park’s creative team has just come up with their latest spin on the clever LOGO series with the brilliant LOGO Lite – a tense, fun and fast new game concept that also provides, by popular demand, additional question cards for the original LOGO game.  

Perfect for quality family time, LOGO Lite generates fascinating, buzzing team-talk, as each question card prompts a raft of multi-generational memories and anecdotes among the players, with something for everyone. 

And talking of something for everyone … also new to the games shelves this Christmas is the shameless and completely outrageous Og on the Bog – a truly hilarious electronic action game that will have little ones aged 5 and upwards in stitches as they try to steal as many loo rolls as possible before ‘Og’ lets rip with a humungous parp and blows his Bog to bits!  Yes – really! 

These are just a couple of examples to set you on a journey of enlightenment and fun this Christmas – one that will stay in your children’s memories for a lifetime, bringing so many benefits for all involved. What more could you ask for this Christmas?

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Susie Smyth


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