Dino Bite

Dino Bite an exciting, monster action game for 2-4 players aged over four

All kids love dinosaurs, on film, in museums and now in Dino Bite an exciting, monster action game for 2-4 players aged over four.

Become a Super Hero by rescuing the baby dinosaurs from under the nose of the ferocious, T-Rex. But beware, you have to be quick, the T-Rex has blade like teeth and a load roar and sits perched on top of the dinosaur nest....

A large green leaf covers a collection of 20 tiny, helpless blue, red, yellow and green baby dinosaurs stolen from another dinosaur’s nest and awaiting their fate.

Each player takes it in turn to rescue an egg from the Dino nest with tweezers.  With each roll of the coloured dice they discover whether they are aiming for a certain coloured egg, have free rein to pick any Dino baby within their reach, or whether they have to miss a go.  Then it’s a case of gently, quietly does it… as they carefully lift the edge of the leaf, steadily move their tweezers into the nest, grasp the baby and lift it out to safety!  It’s fine for younger players to use their fingers instead of the tweezers.

If that scary Dino knows they’re there, it roars and lunges, stopping them in their tracks. And that means the player is OUT! Adding to the excitement, if the Dino stays still, the player keeps the rescued egg and passes the tweezers to the next player. The game continues until there is only one player left who hasn’t been caught by the big beast… and that player wins the game!

If your young adventurers want the fun to last even longer, they can also play the game by counting up the number of eggs collected over several rounds, and the overall Dino Bite champion is the player with the most eggs.

This thrilling new game will provide hours of fun and laughter, and makes a great gift.

Dino Bite is excellent value for money too at a RRP of £19.99

For more information visit www.drumondpark.com

Poppy Watt 


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