Children’s Wooden Toys for Christmas

Tea Set

Children’s Wooden Toys for Christmas

Perfect for Christmas, a new collection of colourful wooden toys for children, is now available from Historic Royal Palaces online shop at or in their selected palace gift shops.

From tea sets to towers, castles to cars.These traditional toys are perfect to inspire the imagination of any child. Made from sustainable wood from the Rubber tree and painted with a soft non-toxic water stain. All sets are suitable for children age 3 and above.

Tea set

This pretty little tea set includes a tray with handles, two cups and saucers, a teapot with lid, a milk jug, a spoon, two biscuits, and two fruity teabags. Price: £35.00

Afternoon tea playset

Ideal for role-playing, this daisy topped set includes a two-tier wooden cake stand with four wooden cupcakes and two wooden biscuits. Price: £30.00

Wheelbarrow playset

Perfect for the aspiring gardener, this superb wheelbarrow complete with gardening equipment will keep active minds occupied with life in the garden.

The set includes a sturdy wheelbarrow (with muddy wheel), three seed packets, and three flowerpots containing a sunflower, tomato, and carrot plant. Tend to these plants with a watering can, trowel and cut the flowers with some secateurs. All parts are made from sustainably sourced plywood. Price: £65.00

Wooden flowerbed and watering can playset

A perfect gift for a little gardener, this set includes ten wooden plants at various stages of growth, which can be planted in any one of the ten holes in the wooden base. They can then be watered with the watering can. The set is made from sustainably sourced plywood. Price: £19.99

My first castle playset

Lower the portcullis and prepare for a role-playing battle with our children's painted first castle playset.

Taking its inspiration from traditional medieval castles, this set features four turrets with red tops, a lifting portcullis and running boards. Supplied for self-assembly with graphic stickers to add detail to the set. Price: £50.00

Wooden siege tower toy

Prepare for your final assault on the enemies castle stronghold with our wooden children's siege tower toy.

The splendid six-wheeled siege tower features a red shield with three crowns. It also has a battering ram, a drop-down platform, a catapult with two cannonballs and a rope ladder for supreme detail.

Siege towers were designed to give protection to the castle assaulters with a ready-made drop-down platform for access onto high walls. Price: £35.00

And for children who love buses and cars ……

London double-decker red bus

Take a tour around the city of London with this vintage style double-decker London bus.

The bus has a removable roof for access to the upper deck and a removable top deck floor for access to the lower deck. There is space inside for the Budkin bus driver (included) and 11 passengers (not included). And real rubber tyres (for extra grip when going fast!). Price: £50.00

Set of 7 traditional London vehicles

A wonderful collection of iconic London vehicles. Each vehicle is wooden and even compatible with wooden train tracks. The set includes a double-decker bus, a fire engine, a police van, an ambulance, a black cab, and two sporty cars. Price £19.99

Poppy Watt