Mamma's Latest Man
Andrew Hall
In the pandemonium of backstage warm-ups, the excitement is palpable. Actors, understudies and
Divorce was the Making of Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican comedian
So many women will tell you that divorce changed their lives, and their perspective on the
Jersey Boys - Theatre Review
Jersey Boys
A big hit in the States – where the concept probably carries greater resonance because of the
Lest We Forget - And Then They Came for Me
And Then They Came For Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank
This is not a drama that you will ever say you enjoyed. It is, however, one you are never likely
All That Jazz
Claire Martin
The club was restless with anticipation as the supporting act wound up. Finally, the woman they
Movie Minute
Juno What does a 16-year old with a rapid fire repartee and a charming indie streak do when
Movie Moment
The Kite Runner Perhaps the most revealing and painful impact of ‘The Kite Runner’ is
Movie Moment
Sweeney Todd – A Man for All Seasonings Tim Burton has forged an eclectic and offbeat
STOMP - The Five Minute Theatre Review
I have to say that the idea of Stomp never really appealed to me. I had read a little about