It's A Wonderful Afterlife
It's A Wonderful Afterlife - Not as wonderful as it could have been.
It’s A Wonderful Afterlife promises much, with Gurinder Chadha at the helm of a strong cast,
Hair: Let The Sun Shine In!
When Hair first made an appearance in the West End it caused quite a stir with London audiences
Roy Ayers - Back in Town
Roy Ayers
Legendary vibraphonist Roy Ayers, who turns 70 this year, makes a welcome return to Ronnie Scotts
BEV Update
BEV on the Road - The Adventures of Prince Achmed.
The Adventures of Prince Achmed accompanied by Mira Calix On Tour10th April 2010, Arnolfini,
Tammy Weis - Where She Wants To Be
Tammy Weis - Where I Need To Be.
Where I Need To Be is the brand new album from singer Tammy Weis.  A stirring collection of vocal
Rachel Millward - A Pregnant Pause
Rachel Millward : CEO of BEV (Birds Eye View)
As Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the best director prize at the Orange British
Janet Edwards - Everyone’s a Singer
Janet Edwards - An Extraordinary Voice Coach
“I believe everyone can sing. There’s such a range of freedom that we barely tap into, says Janet
BEV, Bigelow and a Baby
BEV 2010 - Open with Optimism.
BAFTA winning Kathryn Bigelow, had broken new ground for female film makers with The Hurt Locker
Special Screening
Gillian Anderson will be on hand to announce the winner.
Joining forces with Marie Claire, BEV asked their online readers to cast their own vote for the
Stacey Jackson - Music For Youth
Stacey Jackson - Music For Youth
Stacey Jackson has enjoyed a colourful and successful career in music. As a way of investing in the