Inception - in theatres now.
I was persuaded by my three daughters to watch Christopher Nolan’s newly-released sci-fi
Monica Mancini
Monica Mancini
Monica Mancini is a woman who has grown up with the spotlight focused upon her.  “When your
Sophie Delila - Hooked!
Sophie Delila - New Kid on the Block
The first thing that struck me about the diminutive Sophie Delila as she rose from her seat to
Elisa Caleb
Elisa Caleb
A first sight, Elisa Caleb appears to be an ordinary young woman.  Pretty and graceful, she
Marla - Lipstick for the Vampires
Marla - The latest pop sensation to hit the airwaves.
The music business is a fickle industry. Stars are made and destroyed faster than it takes to
Cinderella - The Magic Returns This Christmas!
New Adventures returns to Sadler’s Wells for its 9th annual Christmas Season with a new
Emma Barton – Back to her Roots
Emma Barton - Best known as Honey Mitchell from EastEnders.
Being in one of the longest running and most popular soaps on TV immediately pushes you up a few
BEV Update
Zoe Rahman
Zoe Rahman has firmly established herself as one of the brightest stars on the contemporary jazz
BEV Update
Women Make Music: Female Music Creators & the Gender Gap
The events will showcase four silent films featuring icons such as Greta Garbo and Gloria Swanson
BEV Update
Miranda Sawyer
Women Make Music: Female Music Creators and the Gender Gap 24th May, Kings Place, 7pm