Toni Myers - A Beautiful Planet

Toni Myers

Toni Myers is a Canadian film editor, writer, director and producer, best known for her work in 3D IMAX. Following the release of her latest, critically acclaimed feature A Beautiful Planet, George R Vaughan caught up with the filmmaker to discuss her career and why she loves making movies in this niche market.

Toni Meyers is the producer of A Beautiful Planet, her latest acclaimed feature that is created in her preferred medium, IMAX 3D.

A veteran of the high-end, digital format, Meyers first got involved with the system after meeting one of the co-founders at the World Fair back in 1967.

“I began my career as an editor on documentaries, TV dramas and feature and music films for a variety of broadcasters. I came upon IMAX by accident to be honest.

“My first time working with the large screen format - that was a precursor to IMAX - was on a piece called Polar Life, where I was employed as an assistant editor to the wonderful Graeme Ferguson. It was a stunning piece of multi-screen filming that I believe still stands the test of time today and I am very proud of it.”

Once IMAX technology was officially launched Toni Meyers was involved in a number of new productions, working on North of Superior, Ocean, Snow Jon and Heart Land.  

“I was fortunate to have the confidence and trust of Graeme and became a key member of the IMAX space team he commissioned. This led to me working on several space films including The Dream Is Alive, Destiny in Space and Blue Planet, which I was also the narrator on.”

In 2000, Myers produced, wrote and edited the award winning Space Station 3D, the first large-format 3D film to be shot in space.

“I remain constantly fascinated at the way the industry evolves and having been involved with IMAX from its conception it has proven to be a very personal journey of learning and supremely satisfying.

“With the release of A Beautiful Planet, I feel I have delivered my most personal and important work. I hope it will speak to the generations to come and help to illustrate just how important Earth is and why we need to do everything in our power to protect it.”

A Beautiful Planet uses its unique vantage point to present a concept of Earth as a living, breathing spacecraft that is self-sustaining but ultimately vulnerable – particularly to the irresponsible nature of man.

“Our message is a very simple one. Our planet is beautiful but we need to look after it. This is a message that resonates with young people because they will inherit what our generation leaves behind. It is our only home and we should appreciate and look after it.”

Watching this film at the theatre is the only way to really appreciate the magnitude of its message and the measure of its impact, highlighting perhaps more than anything else just how small and fragile the earth is in the vastness of our universe.

The film’s narration was written by Myers and delivered with empathy and warmth by Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence.

The imagery is impeccable, weaving together a seamless combination of views from space, earth shots and computer visualisations and animation. If you want something to prick the conscience and make you remember how beautiful and -more importantly - precious this planet is, then this is the movie to make that happen.

A Beautiful Planet is now showing across the country on IMAX.

George R Vaughan