The Snow Dragon

The Snow Dragon

The Snow Dragon

St James Theatre until 4th January

The Snow Dragon is a production for children from the Tall Stories Theatre Co. It tells the story of the young goat Billy, and his coming of age quest to collect berries as a present for The Snow Dragon – the mythical Santa Claus like figure for goats. 

With the help of his friends , Hedgehog Spike and Rosie Piglet, plus some timely moral guidance from a couple of wolves, Billy learns that being a winner is not about competition but how he treats others. Parents will also be aware of the theme of cultural inclusiveness. The hedgehog world has The Snow Unicorn as their Santa Claus substitute whereas pigs apparently have the dubious pleasure of the Snow Troll.

If these moral lessons make the production sound rather preachy, the live experience is far from it. The action and story are delivered with great energy by the cast and everything moves at a pace guaranteed to keep children’s attention. As you would expect from a theatre company that clearly knows what the kids want, there are plenty of opportunities taken to involve the audience. The musical numbers are catchy with plenty of arm waving, clapping and singing along. A production has probably got that exactly right when your five year old jabs you in the ribs to tell you that you are singing along too loudly.

The Snow Dragon is perfectly tailored for the youngest viewers. There are no masks to spook the little ones and the wolves (simply represented with fur trimmed robes with ears on the hoods) are thoughtfully introduced in a friendly meet and greet the audience mingling session that precedes the start of the action.

The Snow Dragon is excellent family entertainment that packs a lot of story and fun into its child friendly 50 minutes running time. Highly recommended as a Christmas holiday treat.

Patricia McLoughlin