Shae Williams – Crafting Her Future

Shae Williams

Shae Williams first came to prominence at the age of 5, when her powerful voice caught the attention of the audience at the Greater St. Mary’s MBC of Lake Charles, Louisiana. From that point onwards throughout her childhood, Shae took advantage of participating in every choir and theatrical production she could until in 2002 she followed her dreams and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. George R Vaughan caught up with the singer to find out a little more about where she came from and where she is looking to go.

Did you always want to pursue a career in music? 
Honestly, while in elementary school I've always dreamed of becoming the President of the United States or a doctor. I didn't realize my place on-stage as a performer until later on in my childhood. It was Greater St. Mary’s MBC of Lake Charles, Louisiana that first took notice of my voice and on-stage brilliance. Growing up in church, gospel music laid a foundation of my delivery and revealed an early passion for performing. Throughout my childhood, I took advantage of participating in every choir and theatrical production I could.

What kind of music influenced you as you were growing up? 
As a child I was exposed to trailblazing female artists, such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill and Aretha Franklin; which all became the influence behind my desire to be a champion of confident, sexy and always classy women. 

Were your parents supportive of your decision to follow a career in music?
My parents have always been very supportive of my decision to follow a career in music. My mom would always say I was born and destined for this from the start. I love them for having that type of confidence in me to be able follow my dreams. I am truly thankful for them. 

How difficult was it to get into the music business for you? 
Over the years I’ve learned this industry is 90% business and 10% talent. If you don’t learn the business then you’ll just become just another pretty girl or handsome guy singing along with millions of others. I just wish someone would have told me about the business side of the music industry when I first started out. I keep this in mind so I can be able to reach the world with my music. 

Do you enjoy the writing process?
Yes, I definitely enjoy the writing process because it allows me to tell my story. Not only do I get to sing about my feelings and experiences, I can write freely about it all. The writing process permits me to be myself all the time. 

How would you classify your music? 
My type of music is powerful and soulful. I want people to feel that my music is genuine and authentic. I think this can be accomplished through expressing my feelings about situations in life through song. I have combined my gospel roots, classical training and sultry charm to mesmerize audiences in this competitive R&B circuit. 

Do you enjoy touring? 
I absolutely love touring because I enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places. I have met some amazing people on my Ready Tour. I have gained so many memorable experiences while touring and look forward to making more memories. 

Do you have any tours or gigs lined up in the UK? 
Not at the moment, but I look forward to making my way to the UK. I feel that would be an amazingly extraordinary experience to get a chance to perform in the UK. 

How important is social media to your project? 
Social media is a dominant force when it comes to reaching out to the world. Social media is the place where everyone is on a daily basis which includes your supporters, lovers of music, and people all across the world. It makes the possibilities endless when you have a tools such as Instagram and Twitter at your fingertips. I am able to let everyone there supporting me see me on my journey as an artist. I love that they can join me and keep me motivated. 

Is there any artist you would like to perform or write with at the moment? 
At the moment I would love to have the opportunity to write with Pharrell and Alicia Keys. 

What are your main interests outside of music? 
Outside of music I love to sell real estate and stay fit. I love what I do and it keeps a very busy schedule. 

What is your biggest pet peeve? 
My biggest pet peeve is when I don't know what to expect before any show. I like to know what I am about to walk into before I hit the stage. I've had one bad experience like that and I hope I would never have to go through that again. 

What’s your favourite film? 
My favorite movie is The Lion King because I have the fondest memory of my father and I watching it together. I'm daddy's little girl and I always cherish the little moments we have together. 

What’s your star sign? 
Being born on May 27th, my star sign is a Gemini. 

Do you have a favourite food? 
I'm a huge lover of food and being a southern gal it's hard to choose. However, I can name two of my favorites my mom's homemade meatloaf and key lime pie made by Mrs. Bradley in Lake Charles, LA. If I could have a comfort food dish everyday they'll be my first choice.
What can we look forward to for the rest of the year? 
I have a new single that'll be dropping really soon. I'm also currently working on my album that'll be coming out this Fall.

If you would like more information on Shae then visit her website here.

George R Vaughan