Sarah Blasko at the Electric Ballroom, Camden

Sarah Blasko at the Electric Ballroom, Camden

Sarah Blasko is currently touring the UK and Natasha Bird reports back from her live show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

The Aussies don’t have the best record for producing music that translates in the UK. Granted, there have been some brilliant Australian bandsAC/DC to name the notorious, or Jet to name the mainstream. But on the whole, the Aussie influence is not nearly as far reaching as bands which hail from the US or even Canada.

Many Australian bands don’t bother to release over here. Across the UK Gap Yah students covet The Cat Empire, precisely because it can’t be bought over here. Their music has become the fodder of a particular “I spent six months of my year out on a beach in OZ” member’s club.

Sarah Blasko seems, somehow, to transcend this particular cultural barrier. Maybe it has something to do with the production - the latest album was worked on by Bjorn Yttling in Stockholm. Like much Scandinavian music – Royksopp and Lykke Li to name a few - there is an earthy, ethereal quality. It’s the sort of music you listen to in your dreams.

If you’ve only had a brief listen on Spotify, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she’s mostly wistful with a dash of the depressing. In concert, though, I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the tracks Blasko played, while fairly slow, were delightfully uplifting, with enough variety to take people on a journey.

The melodies were crisp, her voice was faultless, but the thing that really made the concert worth attending has to have been her dancing. Well, not so much dancing as swaying backwards and forwards, windmilling her arms and bending up and down. It was like watching a yoga teacher try and lead a class after popping some Valium.

Charming in it’s own way.

If you would like to learn more about Sarah, check out our exclsuive interview that was featured on site last month by clicking on the link:


Natasha Bird