Louise Tyseng

Analogies from Louise Tyseng

Louise Tyseng describes herself as a creative businesswoman as well as a musician and, having for the past six years worked behind the scenes in the Swedish music industry as a session artist, she finally decided to strike out on her own.

“I love the Chinese culture, having lived out there for a while and even performing some of my songs in Chinese,” she says.  “I incorporated traditional Chinese instruments in my live sets and China influenced the individual style in my video. There is something magical about the whole place the people that inspired me and brought the best out of me.”

Her single, Analogies was released in the summer and the album is due out later in the year.

Getting the record companies to invest in something different proved a challenge for Louise as she tried to get the record produced.

“Sweden has a strong musical history and yet many people still associate us with Abba, although newer up and coming artists like Robyn have emerged out of their shadow and are presenting a more modern and unique alternative.

“The main challenge is that no one likes to take a risk any more. Everyone is afraid to move away from what sells but that can leave music sounding sterile and lacking an original narrative.

“Fortunately, although the internet has often been said to harm the music business because of illegal downloading, it has also given thousands of artists a new outlet and access to an audience that they may otherwise have never found.”

Louise has a hand in every part of the development of her music and with such a rich creative background, she designs everything from her CD covers to her live set layouts.

“In this modern world where there is much more competition, you need to involve yourself in every aspect of your career to make sure you get it right.

“My influences are everything from Vangelis to Imogen Heap and Enya, artists who help define a genre and continue to inspire musicians the world over.”

If you would like more information on Louise then visit her website www.louisetyseng.com

George R Vaughan