How to plan a party with a difference in 2018

Party Planning

Whether you’re looking to mark a special event or celebrate an important milestone, it’s essential to think outside of the box and come up with ideas that’ll blow your guests away. A great event doesn’t happen overnight, so here’s how to plan a party with a difference in 2018.

1.Choose a standout activity and location

Throwing a party doesn’t necessarily mean inviting people to meander awkwardly around your living room or hiring a village hall. Opening a few nibbles won’t cut the mustard either, so if you want your event to be memorable for many years to come why not choose a standout activity and location? Of course, where you go will depend on the activities you have planned but how about a spot of archery, axe throwing or an afternoon tea river cruise?

A burlesque dance party could be a top choice for a hen party and how about chocolate making for those who like the sweeter side of life? There are many wonderful opportunities out there, so it’s well worth taking a look at what’s on offer and breaking the party mould with a different idea.

2.Run with a theme and give it the ‘wow’ factor

Choosing a theme for your party will allow you to explore lots of creative ideas and be consistent from start to finish. If you decide to go cocktail making for a hen do, for instance, you could print the party details onto individual cocktail glasses and hand them out to guests. Similarly, you could print off t-shirts for all members of the hen party crew giving them each a cocktail name such as Miss Tequila Sunrise, Miss Singapore Sling, Miss Mojito and the bride-to-be could Miss Something Blue.

Similarly, if you are hosting a chocolate or sweet themed party, how about sending out Willy Wonka-style golden ticket invitations before creating your very own ‘Chocolate Bar’ where nothing but chocolate-inspired drinks are served? Chocolate cocktails are popular these days, but don’t forget about classics such as the warming hot chocolate or the peanut butter, chocolate and banana shake. The more creative you are, the more your guests will appreciate your efforts.

3.Create personalised goodies

If you want to take party planning to the next level, try creating an array of personalised goodies and take home treats. Special chocolates with an iced initial can work, or you may want to put together sweet-filled jars with a picture of each recipient on the top. If you are planning a wedding, you could even write down your favourite memories with each guest on a piece of paper. Pop these handwritten notes into an envelope and use them as name place cards around the table.

Of course, this is easier if your guests are limited but if there’s a large number of attendees there are still things you can do – you’ve just got to get creative. For bigger groups how about simply placing a few bottles of wine on the table with a homemade label featuring the names of all guests?

Planning a party with a difference takes skill and patience, but it should all pay off in the long run. The right location, a good theme and a personal touch are the key to making it a successful event.

Sophie Davidson