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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

1868 London. The Industrial Revolution. An age of invention and wealth, built on the backs of the working class. As gangster killer Jacob Frye, you recruit a gang to fight for justice on behalf of the oppressed working class.

Any Assassin Creed fans will know exactly what to expect from this latest title as the series moves time frames and locations, beautifully recreating Victorian London and providing the franchise with some of its best looking backdrops yet.

Cast with leading the underworld to reclaim London in an adventure filled with action, intrigue and brutal combat, you are tasked with everything from robbing trains to rescuing child workers as you seek to return freedom to the city.

You could be forgiven for suggesting that the original, ground-breaking visuals and mechanics might be getting a little long in the tooth now but they work and to be honest Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is probably the best of the bunch to date. 

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Halo 5: Guardians
This is the game Xbox One owners have really been waiting for. Sure they were treated to the re-mastered classics of the Halo Collection but that was a release fraught with complications and was – when all is said and done – something fans had already seen before.

So Halo 5 arrives as a fast, smooth, 60-frame per second title that takes full advantage of the console’s power and delivers a generally satisfying, modern shooter experience.

However the focus has moved away from the traditionally driven, narrative-led campaign with more emphasis pushed towards multiplayer, which in many ways is a shame because it was the story that made the Halo series so strong. Not to suggest this isn’t entertaining but there is a lack of the spectacular we’ve come to expect from the strongest releases in the series, such as Halo Reach.

For me the biggest omission is the lack of a splitscreen multiplayer option, which really does leave a hole. I understand the push towards online multiplayer but as gamers we are not always sat home alone and it seems like a serious oversight to me.

All in all Halo 5 is a good, solid release but not the one I had perhaps been hoping for.

Halo 5: Guardians is an Xbox One exclusive title and is out now.

The Uncharted Collection

When the PS3 first came out, there were few titles that really impressed me but one of those games was Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Still standing the test of time, at release it was a truly remarkable game, with excellent graphics and an engaging and intense storyline, which hooked me in straightaway.

Now it is possible to relive all three of the trilogy’s titles with the Uncharted Collection, sandwiched on one disc with a 60fps frame rate and 1080p graphics. This is immediately noticeable in the first installment, which looks fantastic.

Gameplay is also improved in all the titles, being much smoother than the originals and looking fantastic at the same time. 

The cinematic touches that made the original game so enjoyable are still here, with each fight sequence or dramatic climb looking impressive.

It is a joy to relive the series again on the next gen consoles; fans of the series will be delighted to journey through Nathan Drake’s adventures once again. If you’ve not played the games before, now would be a fantastic time to start.

The Uncharted Collection is a PS4 exclusive and out now.

Blood Bowl 2
It’s not often you come across a sports game that its truly that groundbreaking - of course they can advance FIFA or PES however much they want but very few games really go ‘out of the box’.

Blood Bowl 2, however, does something very unique - it’s a sports game combined with a fantasy turn-based game, more specifically World of Warcraft.

Each player rolls a dice for this American Football-inspired game, and must attempt to get their ball on the opposing side, with the other players doing their best to stop them.

It seems to be fairly complex to understand at first, once you’re presented with a massive number of rules, but the game is extremely helpful and the campaign helps to address all these issues.

Obviously having to rely on the dice makes this a rather difficult game to get the hang of, and it is at times very hard. 

It does present some problems, but it’s an interesting idea and can be very fun. The best bet is to stick with the online mode once you’ve got used to the gameplay and that’s where the real fun is to be had.

Blood Bowl 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

George R Vaughan


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