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Honeymoon - Lana Del Rey
The latest outing from 30-year-old pop sensation Lana Del Rey sees her retain her dark and mysterious demeanor, whilst managing to write one hell of a catchy song.

Honeymoon begins with the title track, with Del Rey’s soulfully ethereal voice carrying us into a tragic yet blissful beginning. Third track in Terrance Loves You is a definite highlight, with somber brass instruments accompanying Del Rey’s pained vocal melodies, making for an incredibly hard-hitting piece of music.

The whole record has an air of sadness coupled with grandiose stylization - it is exceptionally well produced and Lana Del Rey’s voice has enough power in it to really make an impact - Honeymoon is indeed a bit gratuitous, but nonetheless stands tall with all of Del Rey’s fantastic work.

Honeymoon is out now on CD and digital download.

Pitch Perfect 2 (12)
It’s been over a year since the first movie and now the Bellas’ find themselves disgraced from the choral academy. They have one chance for redemption at the international championships in Copenhagen but will they match the tough competition?

The cast are on fine form in this enjoyable sequel to the unexpected sleeper hit that was Pitch Perfect, although it doesn’t quite match the balance and consistent comedy of the original and some of the sub-plots seem a bit lost.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rebel Wilson provides a multitude of laughs throughout but you have to question how much longer she can trade on essentially playing the same character in a series of different movies. However, as far as sequels go Pitch Perfect 2 hits all the right notes and is a recommended purchase.

Pitch Perfect is out now on Blu Ray, DVD and digital download.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (12)
When the Avengers find technology that allows Tony Stark to create artificial intelligence, they soon find themselves having to fight against their creation: Ultron, who believes that the only way to ensure the world’s safety is to eliminate the Avengers and humanity.

It seems that superhero blockbusters are more commonplace than ever these days - and the Avengers franchise is the motherload of blockbusters. This second following of Marvel’s most celebrated sons (and daughters) sees them fighting against an enemy that Tony Stark aka Iron man has created - a malicious AI called Ultron.

This is certainly darker than the previous movie, yet still retains director Joss Wheadon’s sense of characterization - all the Avengers bounce off one another very well, each complex relationship seeming to tie into the movie nicely, without feeling forced.

As the Marvel universe expands you have to contemplate how much bigger things can get before they become unmanageable because each story does introduce a sense of confusion to proceedings but right now Age of Ultron is an amicable sequel and just the one the Avengers needed.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is out now on Blu Ray, DVD and digital download.

Pro Evolution Soccer 16
Over the last couple of releases, PES has consistently proven to be a fantastic football game and the latest installment to the franchise continues to pull away from its main rival in EA’s FIFA.

The graphics are once again an improvement on the last release, as it shapes up to look the football game it always aspired to be. It probably still trails FIFA in this area but where PES lacks graphically it makes up for it with its fluid and flowing gameplay. 

Each player seems to be characterized to play as they would in the real world; pacing, agility and various other traits are personalized to give for a more true football game.

It’s simplistic enough to get your head around, and makes you really feel like you’re playing fluid football - the menus are also designed more simplistically and clearly, so there’s never any issues when setting up games or even tournaments.

In an age that has seen mobile gaming eat into the console market because of its instant pick up an play nature, PES proves that it is the football game of choice for the generation that wants to grab a controller and dive in without too many complicated setups. This isn’t to say the game doesn’t have depth because there is a layered single player mode that offers a detailed and engrossing career mode.

Overall then, PES 16 proves to be an exceptional addition to the franchise, definitely more enjoyable and easier-to-handle than FIFA and now the benchmark for football games going forward.

PES 2016 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Forza 6
The theme of this next installment seems to be one of freedom - the World Tour mode allows you to drive more cars with more opportunity than the last. And this is coupled with the increased interactivity via Kinect camera makes for a very fun driving experience.

The look of the game is sublime, with the graphics now truly dazzling, and the cars looking even more appealing than they ever did.

New vehicles come into the mix too with over 500 different cars from 80 manufacturers to choose from meaning you can most certainly find the car of you dreams.

It’s a strong release for Xbox One, and the utilization of the Kinect means that this racing game actually makes you feel like you’re racing. Forza 6 is a wonderful addition to a much-loved franchise.

Forza 6 is out now exclusively for Xbox One.

Paden R Vaughan


To celebrate the release of Pitch Perfect 2, available to own on Blu-ray and DVD from 21st September from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Women Talking are giving away a copy of Pitch Perfect 2 on DVD for one lucky subscriber.

Pitch Perfect 2 reunites the loveable misfits and welcomes brand new Bellas who endeavour to recapture their signature vocals, style and attitude as they face off against the toughest competition on the planet.

Three years after the Bellas enthralled audiences with their aca-tastic moves, adorable charm and powerful vocals, and winning a national title, the soulful group suffer a national embarrassment, which threatens to damage the three-time champions' harmony forever. 

Desperate to rise up and redeem their powerful legacy, the Bellas must fight for international recognition and reputation at the World Championships of Acapella in Copenhagen. 

Also, please visit www.pitchsmashuk.com to ‘virtually audition’ for a chance to win an incredible opportunity to appear on the big screen alongside Hollywood A-listers, with a walk-on part in Pitch Perfect 3!

For your chance to win simply answer the following question:

Where do the Bellas visit to compete in the World Championships of Acapella?

Send your answers to competitions@womentalking.co.uk ensuring you place the words Pitch Perfect in the subject header, also including your unique Women Talking username with the submission. Any entry without a valid username will not be accepted.

This competition has now closed.

The editor’s decision is final and there are no cash alternatives. 

Actual prize may differ from image shown.