Where do all the women go?
Averil Leimon
I was complacent. I shied from the idea of making women a special case thinking, ‘We are every
Banking on Success
From a media point of view Nicola first came to prominence in 1997 when her much publicised
Dragons’ Den
Dragons' Den
In the most recent series, 15 entrepreneurs received offers of investment in the Den, and plenty
Through The Glass Ceiling
She’s a successful entrepreneur and sometime pioneer who jokingly says she doesn’t really have a
Goldman Sachs choses Camfed
Camfed - Ghana
A report in the Financial Times names Camfed, who have twice featured in the FT's seasonal
Mind the Gap Video – Women in London’s Economy
“Women in London are still paid up to 23 per cent less than men.” says latest Women in London’s Economy report.
“Mind the Gap” follows the lives of working women in London and through a combination of
Being a Woman in Business is Exciting by Lynette Allen
Lynette Allen
Being a woman in business is exciting, it’s fun, it creates a feeling of independence, validity
Using Feminine Strengths for More Successful Marketing by Louisa Bird
We know that increasing numbers of women are starting businesses, but what will ensure that these
I've Just Taken an Order
I've just taken an order, nothing unusual about that, except I am on a high speed train in