Welcome to the Charmfactory
Leslie Gilotti - Co-Founder of Charmfactory
Leslie Gilotti has over 10 years experience working in the music industry whilst co-founder Sarah
Nicola Horlick – From Finance to Film
Nicola Horlick
The British media has on occasions been rather unfair on Nicola Horlick. I happen to disagree
Role Call Is A Sister Act
Roll Call Founders Matilda and Harriet Thorpe
Mention Harriet or Matilda Thorpe to most modern TV and theatre audiences and you will have
Women Talking on the Airwaves
Talk Radio Europe
Far be it from us to blow our own trumpet but since our launch two years ago, Women Talking has
Lily Vanilli - Let Them Eat Cake!
Lily Vanilli
Recent years have seen an explosion of talented bakers. From cupcakes to macaroons, baking is now
Jo Behari - Hands On!
Jo Behari
The days of having to rely on handymen in overalls may become a thing of the past as more and more
A Woman’s Guide to Working for Herself
Sandra Hewitt
A Woman’s Guide to Working for Herself, brings nuts and bolts advice to a wider audience of women
Mel McGee Mum in a Million
Mel McGee
Mel McGee had a small daughter and a husband serving with the army in Iraq.  As a sales trainer
Brand New Belinda with Roots & Wings
Belinda Gooding
There’s a whole new range of organic foods coming our way called Roots & Wings, brought to us
Liz Jackson: All Guns Blazing
Liz Jackson - Founder of Great Guns Marketing
Liz Jackson has never allowed her blindness to dim her ambition nor limit her personal goals. Born