Averil Leimon Talks Career Change
Averil Leimon - White Water Group
With the arrival of 2014, many women are seeking a change of career.  How sensible this is depends
Ayse Kocak and Breast Implant Choice
Ayse Kocak
As well as becoming a mother for the first time a few months ago and being named one of the top
Lulu'z – the home of fresh delights
Farah Mohammadi
Celebrating her first year in business, Farah Mohammadi, owner of Lulu'z Patisserie in Twickenham
Rita & Dominique - Founders of La de da!
Rita Davanzo & Dominique Fracasso Stroud
New ideas for special presents are hard to come by but Poppy Watt has discovered an innovative
Top Tips: Profiting from Buy-to-Let
Gemma Goodson
Buy-to-let is a hot topic: one in every eight pounds of mortgage lending this year has been on
Dress for your profession
Dress To Impress
Dress for your professionThe workplace of today is very different from the past. These days, dress
Dell Launches Gender-GEDI Female Entrepreneurship Index
The Gender-GEDI is the only global index to measure high-potential female entrepreneurship based
Young Team Taps The Market!
Tap That Team
With the help of Young Enterprise, the local Tiffin Girls School and their young team of
Sarah Shields - Introducing DWEN
Sarah Shields
There’s not so much a glass ceiling as a closed door when it comes to women in the IT industry but
Emily’s Blaze Bike Light
Emily Brooke
With more and more commuters taking to the roads on two wheels, particularly as warmer weather