Does a Tidy Desk Make For A Tidy Mind?
Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind
According to a leading expert, having a cluttered environment reflects a cluttered mind and the
Transferring your pensions to another provider
Transfer your pension
One of the best ways to prepare for retirement is to set up a personal pension. While those who
Why More Women Are Being Encouraged Into Plumbing
More Female Plumbers Required!
Did you know that just 1% of plumbers are female? A campaign has recently been launched to
Stott & Scott’s – When Poppy Met The Floppy
Stott & Scott - Who Needs An Umbrella!
Caroline Kelly and Jacqueline Taylor are the founders of Stott & Scott who met at school when
You’re Never Too Old To Become A Teacher
You’re Never Too Old To Become A Teacher
Classrooms and lecture rooms reflecting the traditional route to becoming a teacher are usually
Ria Pattni – Fushi Natural!
Ria Pattni
Ria Pattni is the Co founder of ethical skincare brand Fushi. The principals upon which her
Business Smart with Women Talking
Contact us and see your business change for the better -
No matter how you choose to dress the truth, business in this current climate is hard.But Women
Nathalie Gaveau - Tech Savvy
Nathalie Gaveau
Who knew that Europe’s most successful female entrepreneur was based in the UK? We did. We met up
Neely Reyes - A Multi-Tasking Talent!
Neely Reyes
Women Talking sat down with über-entrepreneur, Neely Reyes to talk running a modeling agency,
Courtney Blackman - Forward PR
Courtney Blackman
Effective PR is one of the most important facets of a business and the rise of social media offers