A Word about Marketing

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Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. – David Packard

For all of those cynics out there, who love your business, but hate ‘marketing’, I have some news for you.  Whether your business is small, medium or large, you are in the marketing business, like it or not. This is something Online MBA Programs will teach you as well.

But hold on, what exactly do we mean by ‘marketing’? “It’s just a bit of over-glorified advertising here or there and a few brochures”, I hear you say. “Let the ad people and a marketing assistant take care of it.” Well, no, not quite. Marketing is the underlying foundation of your business. It is, in reality, about understanding your customers, and giving them what they actually want in order to get more new customers, as well as more revenue from existing customers. The three most important things that will make your business robust and successful are:

1. Understanding what the customer wants

2. Getting new customers

3. Leveraging existing customers

Even if you are lucky enough to have staff that can help you, you will still need to have a good working knowledge of marketing, because to be profitable, marketing must influence every aspect of your business. The success and failure of your company is entirely dependent on how well you acquire new customers and how you market to those customers. It is as simple as that.

The good news is that marketing doesn’t have to be quite as painful as one imagines. And it’s not going to make you feel like you are flogging used cars in a cheap plaid suit. On the contrary, the true objective of marketing is to understand the market and the consumer, therefore positioning a business to better provide what a customer is looking for. It’s about getting the right product and service to the right people; people that value what you are supplying. It’s about ensuring a “Win Win experience” at every step.

I have been working in marketing most of my life: working summers for my family’s business, studying Marketing in the UK and Paris, working as a strategic marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Disney, or running my own restaurant marketing businesses. At the beginning of my career, while intrigued by the ‘part science, part art’ aspect of marketing, I had a hard time making peace with what I felt could often become just another way to push consumerism.

And then the new generation of business, largely powered by Internet technologies, was born; a generation whose hallmark was the empowered consumer. This refreshing new context allowed for unlimited, immediately accessible information and for customers to express themselves in their thoughts, opinions and ultimately their purchasing decisions. This shift has forced any business hoping to be successful to respect its customers and produce what the customer himself demands. Which is, in the end, a great thing. In reality that’s what true business has always been about. But now the consumer has the tools necessary to call businesses on it, so you had better be prepared. And in this way Marketing, and Marketing of the Win Win variety should be central to a business’ strategy. It must inform every decision, every action that your business undertakes.

You must understand and master Win Win marketing in order to become successful.

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Amy Foxwell