Why Women Are Taking the Lead

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Why Women Are Taking the Lea

To date, 21st century women have won important victories in the fight for fairness. And though the struggle is far from over, definite progress is being made.

This is something that can be seen in the ever-increasing role of women in a large number of industries. For example, a 2015 census in the United Kingdom revealed that women made up 19 percent of the workforce in the U.K. games sector, an enormous improvement compared to the 14 percent reported back in 2009. There has been a concerted push for fair treatment in countries worldwide, drawing awareness to the real benefits of empowering women’s roles in the workplace.

Better Morale

Creating a sense of fairness is important for ensuring business success because fair treatment makes people more committed to their work. In turn, this increase in motivation is important because better-motivated people are much likelier to perform their best compared to their not so motivated counterparts. Furthermore, happy employees are much likelier to remain in place, thus saving businesses the expensive and time-consuming need to find, hire, and train new recruits on a regular basis.

Bigger Pool of Talent

The best businesses tend to be the ones with the best talent. As a result, it makes sense for businesses to seek out talented women as well as talented men instead of cutting their potential pool of recruits in half right from the start, thus making their teams that much more capable in the long run. For proof of this principle, look no further than the world of professional poker, where increasing accessibility to the game and learning resources through it being popularised online means that there will be more Annette Obrestaads in the future.

Ease of Understanding

Businesses must understand their customers to sell their products and services. As a result, most businesses benefit from having people from a wide range of backgrounds because it matches the diversity of their customer profile more closely. Considering that women exert influence over 85 percent of purchasing decisions, this means that businesses should have women for the sake of being able to better connect with female consumers, particularly if they belong to industries in which women play even bigger roles.

More Empathetic Management

There is much evidence to suggest that women tend to be more empathetic as well as better listeners, a trait that can make it easier for them to keep their teams focused on their intended function instead of being brought to a halt by the miscommunications that are so common in sizable organisations. According to a Gallup poll, employees are on the whole 6 more percentages points more engaged when led by a female manager than a male counterpart – 33% to 27% -  attributed in great part to an ability to encourage and promote employee development.

Superior Corporate Branding

As strange as it sounds, profitability and corporate social responsibility are synonymous. In short, a business's reputation has a real impact on the number of consumers who choose to buy its products and services rather than those of its competitors. As a result, businesses interested in maximising profits should make sure to build up their reputations, whether by minimising their carbon footprints or by making sure that all of the members of their workforce are treated in the same manner without regard for either their sex or other demographic factors.

It seems probable that these factors will continue expanding the role of women in a wide range of industries. However, it is important to remember that the fight for fairness is still happening in the present, meaning that new progress will not be made without people pushing for it. Still, seeing the number of people who are willing to put their time and effort for such causes, it seems that the future is bright.

George R Vaughan