Was Your Business Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Amy Foxwell

It’s not just about Valentine’s Day and wondering where to celebrate with your Valentine, did you optimise this special occasion for your business?

Here’s a few pointers to keep you focused for next time around about how to leverage what is closest to your customer’s heart (and purse strings) by getting personal.

Talking to current events and what is already top of mind in the customer’s thoughts is much easier and efficient than trying to change what your customer is already thinking about.

So attaching yourself to something that is already happening in society is an effective marketing strategy. But in order to do this, besides themed ads and the like, you’ll need to put some steps into place to be able to approach your customers.

Why not start a relationship with your customers from the beginning that will allow you to approach them and leverage your customer base for every special occasion (and even some new ones that you create yourself).

Try establishing a ‘club’. Everyone likes to be the member of a club. Research shows that up to 70% of people are in one sort of club or another. You can capitalize on this trend by putting together a ‘club’ for your most important and loyal customers, encouraging an emotional attachment to your establishment, a propensity to recommend and an increase in frequency of visits.  

A club also creates ties (the more ties you have with someone the harder it is to break off the relationship) and an ability to gather more information from the person.  In addition, a database of loyal members that you can communicate with on a regular basis helps with negotiating business partnerships.

Frequent Customer programs are also an effective way of creating loyalty, where customers are given something after a certain number of times patronizing your establishment. Perhaps the 10th haircut is free, or a free gift on their 5th visit. Make sure to offer something that has perceived value and that is attainable. A quick and easy system of business cards that can be kept in a customer’s wallet and checked off keeps your business top of mind and is simple to implement.

Your club can be in the form of a loyalty program that already exists that you can become a member of, or you can opt for your own program that is less complicated and expensive, although it will require some work to manage.

The club should consist of: 

  • Rewards (coupons, free offers, partner offers, etc)
  • Special privileges (priority service and VIP treatment)
  • Ways to make your customer feel special (Christmas cards, etc)
  • Rewards for referrals (refer a friend offers and free gifts)
  • Compelling reasons to return (special events, etc)

Whether you develop a club or not, special occasions are a great excuse to communicate with your all of your customers, creating a personal relationship and reminding them that you are there. You will want to be sure to send out an offer for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion that is appropriate for your business. Along these lines, think about ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ such as an invitation to a special event or a gift in the mail for loyal customers.

Undertake programs that will thrill and delight your customers, make your business stand out from the crowd and keep you top of mind.

Amy Foxwell

Amy Foxwell is the owner of Foxwell Associates and creator of the Win Win Marketing System. For more information please go to www.amyfoxwell.com.

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