Top Jobs Suited To Women

Top Jobs Suited To Women

If you consider women only suitable for a small minority of jobs, then this post isn’t for you. Jobs suited to women do not fall into specific categories, based on the presumption that females are solely capable of nurturing, caregiving roles – it’s good to note that men are perfectly suited to such roles too! With this in mind, here are 5 jobs definitely suited to women:

1. Entrepreneur

More and more young women are shunning the traditional 9-5 and taking a hands on approach to work, setting up their own businesses and using their talents to successfully work for themselves. Illustrators, print designers and subscription box curators are some strong examples of female entrepreneurs on the social media site Instagram, alone – take a look at accounts for the Lucky Dip Club, Hello Harriet, Oh Gosh Cindy and Harriet Sanders to see young, strong women working as entrepreneurs and doing what they love. 

2. Head Chef

There’s that tired old association with women and cooking but the kitchens in top restaurants are dominated by men, in roles that women could easily fill and success in. Time management, the ability to cope with stress and working closely in a team (as well as having a strong talent for cooking) are just some attributes that might come with a Head Chef role advertised on The Caterer and are all skills most women have.

3. Personal trainer

As more and more women find the confidence to enter the weight area in the gym, more and more fitness fanatics are born leading to a rise in female personal trainers. The This Girl Can campaign is encouraging more women to take an interest in sport, leading to an increase in gym memberships and the desire to get fit and a female personal trainer is the perfect touch for girls gaining confidence in fitness.

4. Game designer

The world of gaming and technology is opening its doors to women, as it was recently revealed more women game than the industry initially thought – in fact, more women own games consoles than men. Working in the games industry is high pressure but full of creative buzz and an area of work women can excel in.

5. Digital marketing analyst

With a knack for scoping out the latest trends and dedicating time to perfect strategies for clients, a digital marketing analyst is perfect for women who want to lead the way in the field. Problem solving, strategic measures and analyzing skills are all required for such a role and perfectly suited to women wishing to work in marketing.

When it comes to considering jobs suited to women, it’s important not to allow yourself to fall into the trap of clichés, believing that certain genders aren’t capable of achieving particular goals or working in specified fields. It’s 2016, it’s time to broaden our horizons, minimise that gender pay gap and treat everyone as an equal, whether you are a woman aiming to climb to the high ranks in a male dominated industry or a man wishing to take on roles considered ‘feminine.’ This is your year to find a job that is perfect for your skill set, your needs and fuels your passions.

Sophie Davidson