Shoes by Shaherazad

Shaherazad Umbreen

Shoes by Shaherazad

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter Steps Into Women’s Shoes to Take Women From the Boardroom to the Bar this season

It’s known worldwide for Jewellery.  But soon it will be equally famous for … shoellery.  That’s the brainchild of Birmingham born businesswoman Shaherazad Umbreen.  Shoes by Shaherazad features unique designs ideal for party wear made in the Jewellery Quarter.

Entrepreneur Shaherazad is a high-flying executive with one of Britain’s biggest corporations.  She can cope with the pressure of the toughest boardroom negotiations.  But one thing she, and the millions of successful business women around the world, find almost impossible to cope with – is the pain of wearing high heels all through the working day and then enduring heels for an evening at the bar.

“Any business woman knows that heels which look good can often be bad for your feet and uncomfortable to wear.  Many businesswomen are now working longer hours and we want to look good without having to suffer for it.  So I invented 18 Hour Heels.”

While achieving a Masters degree in Cognitive Science at Birmingham University, Shaherazad researched the science behind how a flamingo stands on one leg to provide the perfect weight distribution, and so the perfect balance, which inspired the design of 18 Hour Heels.  But success brought its own problem – an 18 hour day might start in the boardroom, but it can often end in the bar.  How to design a shoe that’s just right for a contract or a cocktail?

That’s why Shaherazad personally designs the “shoellery” straps that are a completely new concept to provide an interchangeable looks.

The embellishments are then created by specialist metal workers in the Jewellery Quarter who bring Shaherazad’s innovative creations to life using a unique mix of traditional metal bashing and also 3D printing.

“The shoellery is a really exciting addition to the 18 Hour Heels,” says Shaherazad.  They are a completely new concept and mean you can wear your heels in the day and then add a beautiful strap to make them look like a completely different pair of shoes.”

It is the versatility and comfort that is seeing Shaherazad get endorsements from celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Jane Danson, Verity Rushworth and Kiran Millwood Hargrave.

“I wanted to create a product which would empower women, says the 39 year old who donates funds from the sale of her shoes to support women and girls living in poverty.  “The endorsements I get from powerful women such as Deborah Rodriguez and Kiran Millwood Hargrave mean so much.  They go to show how much they believe in the product and see the difference it can make.”

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Poppy Watt