Marketing methods to include in your 2018 plans

It’s never too early to start thinking about your marketing plans for 2018, where you should focus your efforts and where you can save time and money. It’s always a good idea to consider a mix of traditional and digital methods when putting together your plan to help you reach a good mix of customers.

Print media

Although there is some doubt as to whether print media can still be effective in this fast-paced digital age, it’s something that could still work for your business so worth considering. This will depend on your business and who your target audience is, but could help you reach potential customers. With the print industry still worth $640 billion and according to Print Media Centr, 80% of households read or browse advertising mail, it’s something that could work for you.

Social media

Another way to reach your audience is through social media, it’s a great method to focus on as it can be cost and time effective. You can use a mixture of community management and paid social promotion to help reach your intended audience and build up your community online. It’s essential you make sure you’re posting regularly as this keeps users engaged and helps your online presence. Planning your schedule for the week ahead of time can really save time, tools such as hootsuite and buffer can be used for this and both offer free versions for you to try.

Branded merchandise

A traditional method that still works, try getting some branded products created for your business to help with brand awareness and brand loyalty. It can be a small offering but people it helps to promote your brand and can make customers feel included with the brand. It’s also another method to communicate with your customers which can help you to communicate your brands values.


This is a method that can cover both traditional and digital so is one that should be included in your plans. Look at some industry events and plan in some to attend, where you can dedicate some time to networking and meeting people. If you’re a start-up or smaller business, then this can really help you to get your brand known within the industry. Expert in your field? Then consider speaking at an event to help promote your brand and help to engage with the right people.