How To Grow Your Business In 2016

How To Grow Your Business In 2016

Is your business earning, producing and achieving enough? If not, are you happy to continue running your business as you are? Doubtless you’re busting a gut to develop your business from strength to strength, but there are some extra strategies worth considering as we get into 2016…

Use your time effectively

First, automate processes and tasks that are taking up too much of your time. For example, invest in time-savers like CIPHR HR software – technology can free up a great deal of resource in your business, helping you to become more efficient and focused in areas that would really benefit from your time. Similarly, consider delegating roles that you could assign to someone else: guard your hours for the jobs that require your innovation and input.

Build an effective website

There’s no way around it: looks matter, and your target customer is making a judgement about your business via your online presence. In fact, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, so if your customer wants to know more about you, you can bet they’re researching you first! And you'd better be ready - online retail sales in the UK reached an estimated £52.25 billion in 2015, with the average shopper spending £1,174. So, optimise your website and content for search engines (as this will help you to work your way up the rankings and drive organic traffic), add plenty of calls to action, and make it easy for your consumers to buy from you.

Strengthen your branding

You might think your business is too small to have a brand, but it’s simply not the case. Spend a moment thinking of the best products you’ve bought (outside of your business) in the last year. What were they? Could you draw their logo, or perhaps even recall their slogan? Probably! In order to grow in 2016, the same has to be true of your business. Was your product the best thing your customers purchased this year? What do they think when they’re recalling your organisation? Is your brand strong enough to stand out in their memory? Design a good logo and make sure that your entire branding strategy is consistent across all your outlets (such as your website, printed materials, business cards, packaging, social media handles and profile photos).

Create useful, valuable content

Whatever the trends are in social media and the wider internet, one thing is still true (and will always be) - content is King. Useful, valuable content will make you a trusted and reputable brand in your target customer’s minds, and will work wonders for driving more consumers towards your business. Why not try your hand at blog posts, guest posts on other websites, print publications, online newsletters, infographics, guest speaking, animations, audio clips or videos? You’re well advised to draw on a number of forms of content to make sure you’re reaching a wide audience, but if it’s not something you’re comfortable doing, outsource it to a professional digital marketing agency.

Sophie Davidson