How to cement your online presence

Online Presence

It’s easier than ever to ‘get yourself online’ – with more than 1.2 billion websites now in existence. While the barriers to joining those ranks are low – that number alone should demonstrate the nature of the challenge. How can you possibly develop your reputation and attempt to stand out from the crowd?

Anyone about to launch a new business or project needs, therefore, to consider not just how they will get themselves online, but how they will cement their presence and become established.

Set up your site properly

First things first, you need to ensure that you have set your website up properly. That means finding the right host to act as a ‘home’ for your site and registering your domain name so that it isn’t taken away by someone else. You might even want to buy up a batch of domain names so that you can avoid someone snapping up a similar URL that will undermine your efforts. You also need to think carefully about SEO. Make sure that you have a good idea of the relevant keywords in your sector and what content you’ll need on your site to be able to rank as highly as possible for these keywords.

Social media

Your website should be the first part of your online presence, but by no means the only part. Adding to this with profiles and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn will allow you to build an online audience and share the material on your website on a variety of platforms. The bigger your following, the further you can reach. Make sure you’re prepared to become an active participant on social media. Start and join debates, share posts from others and leave comments wherever necessary to become part of the conversation when it comes to your niche.


Speaking of which, marketing plays an important role in getting yourself established online. How can you expect anyone to know where you are if you aren’t prepared to shout about it? Whether it’s businesses taking paid ads on or offline, press releases to drum up interest or blog material on your website to capture Google searches, there are a whole host of ways you can reach out and market yourself to build up your traffic and following.

Think beyond your site

Becoming ‘established online’ isn’t just about working on your own website either. See if you can reach out and write for other people’s websites, offering your insight and expertise. Doing so can enhance your own reputation and help people to find your website, especially if you’re able to work with people who already have an established presence. You have to make yourself available and throw yourself into as many opportunities as possible, this work will bear fruit down the line.

Once you have set up your website properly, it’s all about reaching out to others. Whether by becoming an active figure on social media, deploying marketing techniques or working with others you can help to cement your online presence and establish firm foundations from which to move forward and grow further still.

Sophie Davidson