Doing it for yourself: 5 ways to take control of your business

DIY Business Tasks

If you want a job doing well, do it yourself. That’s the saying at least and, in many ways, it’s a mantra to bear in mind when you’re running a business. Sure, you can’t do absolutely everything – but you need to be on top of as much as is possible. Your business is your baby – and only you can ensure it stays true to your original vision. Give up too much and you could easily lose focus and control.

So what should you do? As a business owner you’ll already be well aware of the need for a ‘can do’ attitude. So, in that spirit, here are five things you can do to ensure you take control of the fortunes of your business.

Do your own books

Does the thought of paperwork bring you out in a cold sweat? It needn’t do. These days, you can keep on top of your books easier than ever – and keep hold of much of the bookkeeping that you have to do on a day to day basis. Find some software that makes this simple (there’s an example here) and you’ll be able to manage your money effectively and have a good idea of what’s coming in and out of your business.

Do your own marketing

Not only does technology make it simple to keep your books up to date, it also makes it possible to market yourself for a low cost too through the power of social media and the internet. Make sure your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts are all making a compelling case for choosing your business. Not only is this simple to do for yourself – it also pays to have the personal touch – people much prefer to interact with other people on social media.

Do your own recruitment

At some point, you’ll need to draft in someone else to help you to realise your vision. You could leave this in the hands of someone else – but that’s where you’ll easily lose control. You need a strong sense of the right people to fit your ethos and having the personal connection with candidates through the interview process, where possible, will allow this to happen. Once you have key people in key positions, you’ll be able to leave aspects of your business in the hands of people you can trust.

Do your own market analysis

What do your competitors do? Checking this out is important for any business – and something you can take charge of yourself. Look at what they’re selling and how they’re selling it and challenge your employees to be bigger and better in comparison.

Do your own thorough review

Every year, without fail, it’s important to take stock of where you’re heading as a business. This is not just a case of looking at whether or not you’ve met your business targets, it’s about spending time talking to the people in your organisation and asking about what they think has or hasn’t worked. Conduct one-to-one sessions with key staff – these can be highly illustrative - and get a feel for the issues and challenges your business has.

Take these five points on board and you’ll be the master of your businesses destiny. 

Sophie Davidson