Acropolis: Curse of Athena

Acropolis: Curse of Athena & Wind of Hermes 

Two volumes by Philip Wooderson

Olympic Games, intrigue and corruption……it’s been going on for longer than you think!

Artabas, a half-Persian, half-Greek outsider is a Spartan spy, in the ancient nest of corruption, which is Corinth. Sparta and Corinth seem close to defeat after eight years of war and you’d bet on victory for Athens, but a truce has been declared for the Olympian Games. 

With Corinth awash with visitors Artabas learns of a banquet for important Athenians given by powerful men in the city with links to Syracuse, the great but neutral power in the west. 

He uses his lover to eavesdrop but she is subsequently found dead.  Artabas is determined to find her killer, before following his own ambition in the labyrinth that is Athens. 

Philip Wooderson tells a story involving Alcibiades, spoilt nephew of the late Pericles, intent on glory in war no matter the cost to Athens; his aunt, the wily Aspasia, a seductress still in her prime, scheming to regain the influence she held when Pericles ruled; and her aged lover, Euripides, writer of tragic plays, who sees disaster looming and schemes to end the war.

Artabas is courted by each, and can trust no one, except his friend Socrates- a man who claims to know nothing.

The story concludes in Book Two, Acropolis: Wind of Hermes, where we find Artabas sailing with the Athenian fleet against the great city of Syracuse. He has his own reasons but ends up having to fight in the fateful battle.

Fleeing back to Athens, he gives up on worldly ambition to help Socrates. But war closes in on the city, with Plato's uncle, Critias, scheming with the Spartans to put an end to democracy and impose an 'enlightened republic'.

Only by standing against him can Artabas solve the dark riddle of what began long ago, with the death of his girl back in Corinth.
 Both books are available in paperback and kindle editions via AMAZON

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