Tips for Wearing Dark Lipstick

Tips for Wearing Dark Lipstick

Tips for Wearing Dark Lipstick

So many women are afraid of wearing daring darker lipstick colours. What they don’t realise is they are missing out on a striking look which can dress up any outfit. Some might not want to draw attention to their teeth but this award-winning Finchley Dentist can help give people confidence in their smile again. Our handy tips will help you to feel confident wearing any dark lipstick shade.

Find Your Colour

Your perfect lipstick shade will compliment your skin tone and your hair colour. The best way to find a great match is to try before you buy. Take swatches from testers in the shop, you’ll want a colour which stands out without being overpowering. When you wear the lipstick for the first time watch out for colours which make your skin seem dull. The best match will make your skin glow and won’t clash with your hair colour. Being seasonal with your shade choices is also a good idea; burgundy colours look great against dark coloured autumn clothes.


Before you apply a dark lipstick prep your lips. Exfoliate with a lip scrub and then use a moisturiser. This will prevent that unattractive flaky finish. It’s particularly important to do this when you’re applying a matt finish lipstick as they tend to be more drying. It’s also a good idea to apply your lip liner before you start with the lipstick to give you a crisp outline.

Use a Lip Brush

Applying dark lipstick can be messy. The easiest way to make sure it ends up on your lips and not your teeth is to use a fine lip brush. Start from the outer corner of your mouth and swipe inwards, towards the centre. Repeat on the bottom lip then fill in any gaps. This technique will give you all the precision you need to apply a perfect pout.

Keep It Simple

When you’re wearing such a striking lip colour it’s best to keep the rest of your make up simple. Stick to your regular foundation and a bit of bronzer, as sometimes dark colours can wash out your skin. Make sure your eyes and brows are defined so your overall appearance is fresh faced. But avoid putting too much colour elsewhere, unless you’re going all out for a party or evening event. Tied back hair will further accentuate your lips and give that classic Audrey Hepburn look.

Top Up Throughout the Day

Over time a darker lipstick will fade more noticeably than a nude shade. It’s a good idea to do a couple of quick top ups throughout the day to make sure your look isn’t smudged. Reapply your lip liner at the same time to keep it consistent. Sometimes gloss can be used over the top of the lipstick to help maintain the finish but this is a matter of personal preference. More often than not gloss will look a bit over the top for daytime wear.

However you choose to wear your lipstick, do it with confidence!

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