Tips for Staying Safe When Out Riding Your Horse

Tips for Staying Safe When Out Riding Your Horse

Tips for Staying Safe When Out Riding Your Horse – There are lots to consider when out riding your horse. They may get used to their surroundings in the stable and field, so going to roads too soon maybe too much. Here are some tips to consider when taking your horse out.

Look After the Horse

If you manage to look after your horse, they’ll be able to look after you. Make sure your horse is well equipped to be going out onto trails and hacks. If they haven’t been out much, consider taking them on smaller routes around your home to get them used to it.

If there are icy conditions, your horse may be susceptible to slipping. Therefore, consider getting off the horse around these conditions, and lead them. Their balance will be improved without you on top. If you’re going to fall, then learn how to fall safely.

Make Yourself Visible 

If you’re riding on a road or near a road, it’s important that you can be seen. Lots of horse riders like to get out early in the morning, and it can still be dark.

Consider wearing high visibility jackets, as well as a helmet. You can get accessories for helmets such as torches and lights, to help make sure you’re seen. You can get these high visibility jackets from reputable sellers, such as Equi Supermarket, they have an online set up where you can browse options at

As well as these items of clothing, you can get florescent leg wraps, which helps the horse be seen easily. The same can be said for any ear and neck strap covers.

Even during the daytime, it’s important that you make sure you’re on a track that means you’ll be able to be seen easily and be wary of going around corners. 

Use A Planned Route and Tell People

Whilst it’s fun to head out on a wild track, for the adventure, it’s still important to plan ahead. Whilst It may ruin the spontaneous nature of the ride, it will help keep you safe. The last thing you want is to get lost out and face riding in the dark.

If you’re unsure of how to plan, there are rides and trails available to view online to see what’s near you and plan ahead. Likewise, planning the time you go is important. If possible, try to avoid peak traffic times such as school runs and work finishers.

If you can tell someone close to you your route beforehand, then that will serve well if you don’t return on time. Likewise, you can ride with another rider for safety as well.

The weather can be crucial too, whilst plain weather is desirable, it is possible to head out in nastier weather.

Keep Warm

If riding during the cold seasons, then you should invest in warm clothing, especially waterproof gear. One of the ways to have a terrible ride is to have cold hands that can’t grip onto the reins during cold weather.

Using riding gloves will help maintain that grip, as will using rubber grip reigns. It’s not just you that needs to keep warm, your horse will need extra care too. During the winter, use a rug that can cover the horse and keep heat in.

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