Things You Should Look for When Ordering Wedding Invitations

Things You Should Look for When Ordering Wedding Invitations

Things You Should Look for When Ordering Wedding Invitations – Traditionally, you place your order for wedding invitations four to five months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to mail the invites and distribute the rest to people who live near you. 

In all likelihood, you will have been dreaming about your wedding day long before it arrives. Your wedding stationery – in particular, your save the dates and invitations – represents an opportunity for your guests to first begin dreaming with you.

For this reason, designing luxury wedding stationery is a milestone for any couple. A complete wedding stationery set consists of the following:

Before the day set: Save the dates, invitations, and RSVP cards

One the day set: Order of service, table plan, table numbers, place cards, and menu

After the day: Thank you cards

The heart of the wedding stationery

The heart of the wedding stationery is the wedding invitation. The design, colour, and style of the wedding invitation are the designer’s elements to create the rest of the wedding stationery set.

Elements to look for when ordering your wedding invitation

Hiring a custom design studio will ensure that your luxury wedding stationery expresses your style, personality, and culture. The studio can help you set the tone with elegance, class, and taste. But it’s still essential that you know the elements of grace to make your luxury wedding stationery unforgettable.

Design and typography

The design and the fonts you choose play a vital role in giving the invitation that luxurious, refined, and elegant look. There are several aspects to consider.

Graphics, borders, and motifs. If your wedding theme is ultra-modern, avoid a border with a vintage look. If you want to include a cultural element, make sure that you discuss it with the designer. It could be a wedding, cultural or religious theme. Elegant invitations usually include meaningful and relevant motifs representing the story and style of the couple’s families.

Colours. In choosing a colour palette, you can opt to match it with your wardrobe or wedding colours, but this is not necessary. You can always choose an elegant and neutral colour scheme for the invitation. You can incorporate colours in the envelopes and other accessories, like ribbons, wraps, and envelop pockets.  


The choice of card stock and envelopes may not be obvious, but their smell, look and touch profoundly affect the guests’ experience. The importance of the occasion emanates from the way the invitation looks and feels. If you are watching your budget, use card stock of lesser weight for the other items in your wedding stationery suite.


The printing methods for wedding invitations include digital or flat printing, digital foil, letterpress, foil stamping, offset printing, engraving, thermography, and laser cut. The price varies depending on the type of printing method you choose, with engraving and laser cutting as the most expensive.

Hire an expert luxury wedding stationery designer who will help you with the overall look of the stationery and the invitation’s wording, which will let your guests know what to expect from your special event.

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