The Year of the Rooster

The Year of the Rooster

It’s 2017 and we welcome in the Year of the Rooster. So what does it mean for you?

People born under the sign of The Rooster may somewhat surprisingly discover that it won’t be such a good year for them and they need to be vigilant and sensible.

Famous people born under this sign are Bob Marley, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

Roosters are generally observant, hardworking, resourceful and talented. They are often amusing and popular within a crowd and enjoy the spotlight. On the negative side, they can be vain and boastful and often brag about themselves and their accomplishments.  Their continual need to seek the attention of others can often be annoying to those closest to them. Finally, Roosters are a little too sensitive and get stressed and moody quite frequently.

When it comes to their careers, Roosters are often motivated and make their jobs a priority, sometimes at the expense of their relationships.

For other Chinese signs, the Year of the Rooster offers mixed rewards.

Those who may particularly struggle will be The Boar, The Dog and The Rabbit.

Those of you set to reap the rewards if you put in the effort include The Dragon, The Horse, The Ox and The Snake. There could also be opportunities for The Sheep and The Tiger.

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