The Ultimate Guide To Your Spring Wardrobe Detox

The Ultimate Guide To Your Spring Wardrobe Detox

The Ultimate Guide To Your Spring Wardrobe Detox – The New Year represents a chance to update and refresh not only your look and your wardrobe but also your attitude. Whether you are changing your job or taking on a new role, or simply seeking to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe, the first few months of the year are the time to spring clean and detox your clothes and make the most of an exciting new fashion season.

With stylist Laetitia Tomasso’s expert tips you can cruise into 2018 in style. Never again will you feel like you have ‘nothing to wear’ despite a groaning wardrobe. With her guide to buying both investment pieces and trend purchases, you’ll make the most of your spend and will always have the right clothes you need for any occasion,

and that make the most of your figure.

Laetitia advises the first step is a thorough evaluation of your wardrobe. This is the mandatory, preliminary step to planning your shopping and to ensure you make the most of the money you invest in your new purchases.

Step 1: Book A Personal Styling Consultation

Translating who you are and what you want into your image is probably the most powerful tool you have to achieve your goals in any area of your life be it professional or personal. Did you know that it takes only 7 seconds for us to judge another person when we first meet them? Make this reality an asset by controlling your image by working with a professional. Defining your personal style is like a branding exercise. After analysing your body shape, tastes and lifestyle a personal stylist will define the key themes of your style before summarizing these into a personal mood board that will be used to create your new wardrobe.

Step 2: Wardrobe Detox

Beyond its many therapeutic benefits, a wardrobe detox will help you keep on top of your wardrobe and ensure you wear 100% of what you own. To detox your wardrobe you need to sort each item based on the following criteria:

Personal style: some pieces might need to be recycled or disposed of if they do not match your current or desired style.

Ask yourself do you need everything in your wardrobe? Pack away ski wear, bikinis and things you only wear once a year to clear space in your wardrobe.

Wardrobe condition: do some items need repair or dry cleaning? Set these aside from the rest of your wardrobe and send them for repair or cleaning to make sure that they remain in their best condition. It is important to only repair designers items at the tailors and cobblers that are affiliated with their brand, especially for shoes and bags. Seek out the specialists for these treasured items.

Step 3: Recycle your Unwanted Wardrobe

Selling your unwanted wardrobe. Online platforms such as eBay or Vestiaire Collective offer auction and selling platforms for pre-owned clothes and accessories. If the idea of spending hours in front of your computer to list all your items for sale makes you lose the will to live you might want to use my services or a second-hand shop. Some shops even provide repair (e.g the Handbag Clinic) and authentication (the Designer Exchange).

Offer your unwanted wardrobe to a charity. Some charities use donated clothes to provide a service to their clients. Suited and Booted for men and Smart Works for women help men and women returning to work by providing them with an office wardrobe. In addition to mentoring and interview coaching, these two charities help their clients in looking the part when they are meeting a potential employer or when they start a new job.

Wardrobe planning
Now that you’ve decided which clothes and accessories you wish to keep it is time to organise your wardrobe and plan your next shopping trip:

Wardrobe management. The best way to manage your wardrobe is to split it into categories: workwear, casual wear, loungewear, holiday wardrobe etc… and then organise the clothes within each categories using a colour coding method. This will help you “see” what you have and never feel that you have nothing to wear. The other tip is to use the same hangers for all clothes and use labels to identify the clothes that are on each hanger. You will quickly be able to visualise where the 5 white shirts and 10 pairs of trousers you own are in your wardrobe. Laetitia also recommends using a separate rail for your daily outfits to help you get ready and inspired every morning!

Plan your exclusive shopping experience. Now you have an organised closet you can identify the gaps in your wardrobe and items you need to buy (eg workwear tops, a pair of jeans etc…) you need to select the items to buy based on your personal style and the following tips:

Timeless pieces – white shirts and silk blouses should be replaced every 3 to 6 months (based on how often you wear them). Ditto for camisoles and neutral jumpers.

Investment pieces – these are year-round staples that will never date – a wool coat in winter, a classic trench coat in spring, a Stella McCartney or Pallas suit, a pair of black or nude Louboutin stilettos …

On-trend pieces – these are the pieces that are “in” this season and will help to keep your timeless wardrobe on-trend.

To start your new year in style, why not book in for a private Wardrobe Detox with Laetitia?

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