The top products to have for a newborn

The top products to have for a newborn

When expecting a baby, whether it’s your first or not, you will, of course, want to ensure you have those all-important essentials prepped and ready before the baby is born. This is important not only so that you feel prepared and ready, but also to ensure that you have time to treasure those first moments without the hassle of running to the shops to pick up something you have forgotten. Kiddies Kingdom know all too well that this can be a daunting time, so to help you on your way, the baby and nursery retailer has created a checklist for the top baby products you’ll be needing:

1.Moses basket/Cot

It may go without saying, but your baby will need a place to sleep. A Moses basket is usually the first bed that your little one will start in and then they could well move on to a cot between the ages of around three and six months. When looking for a suitable Moses basket or cot, make sure that the frame is sturdy, and the mattress is at least 10cm thick in order to give the support your baby needs. 


A pushchair is a must-have product to save you carrying your baby from A to B. There are a lot of pushchairs on the market, so it is important that you find the right stroller for you before the arrival of your newborn. Kiddies Kingdom’s collection of pushchairs range from travel systems to tandems to the simpler pushchair, so considering which style is right for your intended usage takes careful consideration. It’s important that the stroller is suited to your needs, so if you plan on doing a lot of off-road walking, a pushchair with hardwearing wheels is something to look out for.  

3.Car seat 

From the get-go, you’re going to need to take full advantage of having the option to take your baby in the car in order to get to your destinations. By having a car seat that fits perfectly into your vehicle, you will be ready and raring to go. There is a wide range of car seats available with different specifications, some seats currently available on the market can even take you from newborn to 12 years thanks to a range of adjustability options to ensure the seat fits your child as they grow! It’s worth noting that it is recommended to avoid purchasing a second-hand car seat, it is always worth buying a brand new one from a trusted retailer for extra security.

4.Bottle Steriliser 

Time is not going to be on your side when the newest member of your family comes along. To make sure you don’t miss out on precious time with your baby, and to ensure you can keep up with the all-important feeding demand, a bottle steriliser is certainly a product that you need to have. Popping your bottles in the steriliser will ensure that they are fit for purpose without too much additional manual labour. 

5.Baby bouncer

There will certainly be a time after welcoming your baby to the world where you will need your hands back from constantly cradling them. Having a safe, secure place to leave your newborn to sleep or play allows you time to get around to the other million chores that will, of course, need to be done, which is why it makes having a baby bouncer a product worth having.

6.Changing mat

A newborn baby comes hand in hand with lots of nappy changes, so a changing mat is a product that you probably don’t want to go without. It’s important to consider that you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible during a change so it’s worthwhile making sure there is a substantial amount of padding, as well as the mat having raised edges to avoid your little one rolling off. A travel mat is also a sound investment so you can change your baby when out and about.


Bath time could either be a joy for your little one or their worst nightmare, but whether they like it or not, it’s necessary to make sure that you have either a tub or supporter to ensure that your baby stays safe while bathing. There is a wide range to choose from, so it is down to preference and what is most adaptable for the space you have to hand.

8.Nursing pillow 

A nursing pillow is certainly a product you might not think you need but once you have one you will no doubt realise how much of a help they really are. Nursing pillows are very functional and can help the mother for comfort during pregnancy as well as helping your baby have the correct posture and secure support while feeding. 


You’ll certainly want a substantial supply of muslins ready for your baby. They are extremely useful and can be used for a range of things, with everything from mopping up messes to aiding comfort or supporting discreet breastfeeding. 

10.Changing bag

A changing bag is an item that you will take everywhere and, in some cases, will be your new handbag. You will be carrying everything that your baby needs so it is important to invest in a bag that is strong and has plenty of compartments to help you stay organised and cater to your needs in order to carry everything for yourself and your baby. 

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