The Right Brush For The Job

The Right Brush For The Job

The Right Brush For The Job – Using the right brush for your hair is just as important as choosing the right shampoo and styling products.

THE CLASSIC – this is probably what the majority of us have at home.

Looks: Half-round with smooth rounded nylon quills, set in natural rubber pads.
It’s the brush for Smoothing, shaping and polishing your hair.


Looks: Similar to the Classic, but those in the know can see the quills are more widely spaced.
It’s the brush for Adding volume, body and movement, plus it is a whizz at styling curls and detangling thicker hair.
VENT – these brushes have excellent grip and control which is handy when you are balancing a hairdryer as well!
Looks: It’s super lightweight but seriously professional. With widely spaced pins and a vented base, it allows warm air to circulate and speed up your blow-dry.
It’s the brush for Medium to thick hair to create texture and movement.

GROOMING – this is really a finishing brush, excellent for wigs and hair extensions like hair weft.

Looks: This is the brush that means business. Oval shaped with pure natural or nylon mix bristles set in an air-cushioned pad.
It’s the brush for Grown-up styling. Use to smooth and style, the bristles polish the hair and spread sebum down the hair shaft to give maximum shine.


Looks: A traditional round wooden or plastic brush with flexible nylon or bristle, in a variety of diameters for your desired curl.
It’s the brush for: Either taming frizz or giving a smooth controlled finish on short or long hair. The close-set pins give great grip and make creating curls or sleek flicked-out hair pure and simple.

PADDLE – this I could not be without as it is so simple to use.

Looks: It’s big, flat and square but it’s a real softy. It has a staggered pin pattern and ball-tipped nylon pins to give it maximum glide.
It’s the brush for Real smoothies. It’s ergonomically designed for the ultimate in detangling and grooming long hair.


Looks: Chunky round brush with an aluminium barrel and flexible nylon bristles.
It’s the brush for Clever styling! It smoothes and straightens or styles hair into large loose curls but cuts the drying time due to its heat-retaining metal barrel.


Looks: A funky hairbrush clapperboard that straightens the hair from both sides – now why didn’t anyone think of that before?
It’s the brush for Poker straight Popstar hair. Its vented heat-retaining plates smooth and straighten hair without the damage straightening irons can inflict.


Looks: As cute as it sounds this is an extra-soft plastic circular brush.
It’s the brush for Grooming short funky styles, distributing styling products and conditioners through hair or massaging the head when shampooing.

So now we have worked out what brush to use, here are some tips on looking after it:

Caring for your brush:

  1. Keep your brushes clean – wash them regularly in hot soapy water.
  2. Use a scrubbing brush to clean dirt from bristles.
  3. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.
  4. Avoid touching the bristles of your brush during blow-drying.
  5. To remove hairs from your brush run a comb vertically between the bristles to loosen hairs and then ease out with your fingers.
  6. Throw away any brushes with broken or damaged bristles or quills as they can tear and snag the hair and also scratch the scalp.
  7. Replace your brush regularly as you would your toothbrush.
  8. Keep your brush in your make-up bag or brush holder to avoid getting grimy in the bottom of your bag.
  9. Make sure you are using the right brush for your style so that neither the brush nor your hair is damaged in the process.
  10. Love your brush; it’s worth its weight in gold!

Poppy Watt

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