The Recipe to a Successful Relationship

The Recipe to a Successful Relationship

The Recipe to a Successful Relationship – A marriage is potentially a two-way, long term commitment.  It is more than a physical union, it’s also a spiritual and emotional union too. Not only do you bond over love, mutual attraction but also deep-rooted respect for one another. With these magical ingredients working in unison, you could have a perfect alliance.

However, friendships can diminish over the years just like a marriage if you do not work together at keeping the relationship fresh and alive. With time this could falter leading to marital problems which are always more difficult to fix rather than prevent in the first place.

Keep Talking

When communication between a couple becomes a challenge or misunderstanding become more frequent, it could be time to re-evaluate your partnership. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make your point when a) it is taken the wrong way b) the other person is clearly not listening or c) the message is misconstrued. There is an art to communication and one that needs to be nurtured from both parties.

Respect one Another

Showing respect to your partner is another key to a successful relationship, this article shares 20 signs of disrespect in a marriage and when it is time to draw the line. A lack of respect from one party in a relationship could lead to the root cause of long-term issues further down the line. Therefore, nipping them in the bud early is strongly advisable.

Take Time Out

When was the last time you did something special for your partner? Not an expected special like a birthday or anniversary, something ‘off the cuff’ special? Those moments are spontaneous and probably quite limited but can be more meaningful for both of you.

It is far too easy to take a relationship for granted and not look beyond what you have until perhaps it is not there anymore. Grasp every moment you can as a small gesture means a lot, even if it is holding your partner’s hand whilst walking the dog.


Depending on the degree of damage caused, when your trust has been broken in a relationship, it will never truly be fixed. You can smooth your issues over, and help one another rebuild the trust, but there will always be an inkling of doubt for many years to come. For some, time can be a healer, so you may have to be prepared for the long haul or reassess your situation.

Show Your Love

Don’t be afraid to express your love and feelings for your partner. We all need a hug, and I can assure you showing a little affection does go a long way.


We all have the ability to compromise when we see fit and it is vitally important to find a happy compromise in a partnership to enhance each other’s authenticity in bringing the relationship closer together. Naturally, there will always be times when you disagree, there will always be an element of conflict, we all want to be heard and voice our opinion but finding the neutral ground afterwards is what counts.

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