The Outlook’s Warm & Nurturing for 2021

The Outlook’s Warm & Nurturing for 2021 – Colour trend forecasts tell us to prepare for natural, embracing, uplifting hues for our homes

On Trend:  Linda Barker’s natural, low VOC paints, inspired by the natural colours of the outdoors

According to the Pantone View Colour Planner for homes & interiors, key colour palettes for 2021 include Terracotta – warm, earthy tones; and Composed featuring a range of soft-pinks, blues, blue-green and green undertones. This warm, earthy theme is continued by Dulux recently announcing 2021’s colour of the year to be the warm, elemental, neutral Brave Ground. 

Linda Barker’s paint collection is perfectly positioned to meet the need for nurturing interiors that these trends imply, and her unique Colour Compass of 90 nature-inspired colours features many of these warm, elemental, neutral shades.

“After a dramatic year in 2020, when we spent more time in our homes than ever before, we’ve started to view our environments in a different light,” says Linda. “Home is now a place for sharing more than ever before as we are working, learning, resting and relaxing together in the same space. Anyone redecorating in 2021 is likely to have a strong sense of wanting to balance quieter, nurturing, organic, natural spaces, alongside areas with a few sparks of uplifting colour.  We need a balance of colours that make us feel happy and uplifted if we’re likely to be at home more often. And the brighter colours predicted for 2021 – blues, pinks and greens – will also be inspired by nature, bringing a feeling of the outdoors into the home.

“I’m a great advocate of bringing the healing colours of the outdoors inside. It makes a huge difference to our health and wellbeing. Colours of water like those seen in lakes, ponds and rivers as well as those seen out to sea and along the coast all provide me with colour inspiration. Colours from the earth, too; rocks and hills as well as mud – there’s a lot of mud in Yorkshire!”

Linda’s predictions for best-selling colours and colour combinations in 2021


“Given that industry giants like Dulux and Pantone always have their ‘colour of the year’ announced around this time, consumers are encouraged to look at new colour trends and inevitably this can lead to thoughts about redecorating. 

“Trends are exciting and I always look forward to the announcement of a new colour.  Trend forecasting is a very detailed, in-depth look at what we are all focusing on in our lives and colour is a big indicator of global trends.  

“Colour however stills remains very subjective, paint colour, in particular, is a personal choice and our own homes are very rarely decorated on a whim or because someone has told us that a particular shade is ‘in’.

“My own paint palette focuses on natural colours that I believe brings the sense of outdoors to the indoors, allowing us to experience a colour vibe that’s often uplifting and mood-enhancing.  Paint colour choices aren’t usually about a trend at all but a personal approach to what we love most in our lives.

“Having said all that, colour predictions do encourage us to look at different ideas and introduce us to new and different options. I love the earthy tones of Dulux’s colour of the year Brave Ground. It reminds me of my own shade Throstle or my paler version would be Shallows.


“I’d like to suggest Ridge as a companion colour for Throstle, perhaps for some painted furniture and Uluru would be a pretty accent colour possibly for woodwork or a window reveal, or as a colour that could be the catalyst for new soft furnishings.  All three work together, the combination being infinitely bigger than simply the sum of three colours.

“Soft grey still is the focus of a lot of attention and for those who adore pale walls, they couldn’t fail to hit the mark with Little Voice. It’s a colour that I adore when I need to create a very simple, calm space.  Pair this with Pocket Fluff and Dear Sofa for a contemporary feel that will elevate the neutral backdrop. These secondary colours work well if used for woodwork or furniture but allow Little Voice to wrap you, cocoon-like, by painting ceilings, woodwork and skirting all the same

“Kissing Gate is a delicate blushing pink that works beautifully too, particularly if anchored with charcoal grey like Drumlins on the woodwork and a swipe or two of Ilkley on some second-hand furniture.

“But as I always say, be true to yourself when it comes to choosing colours: and if you’re in the mood for wrap-around, nurturing, flattering shades you can’t go wrong with these combinations in any room of the house.”

Much of Linda Barker Paints collection is inspired by the vast Yorkshire wrap-around landscapes that surround Linda’s home, as well as the topography of her other favourite UK walking sites. Around Linda’s colour compass you’ll find paints with evocative names such as Malham Tarn, Muddied, Snicket, Moor, Kissing Gate, Borrowdale and Pen Y Ghent. 

Made in the UK, Linda Barker Paints are specifically designed to bring these natural colours of the outdoors into the home to create beautiful, fresh interior colour combinations. They are handcrafted paints using traditional recipes and the finest natural ingredients. Better for the planet, your home and your health, the water-based formulations provide exceptional coverage while also being super-breathable, virtually odourless and with minimal VOC content. 

The innovative Colour Compass displays the colours in a way that is designed to take the worry out of choosing and combining colours for your living spaces. Whatever combination you choose as you move around the different axes of the Compass, no two colours will clash. You can confidently mix and match at will, safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose, the shades will work well together.

Poppy Watt

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