The Deluxe Can of Calm

The Deluxe Can of Calm

The Deluxe Can of Calm – The Little Company of CAN-DO are pleased to announce the latest edition to their range of cans – The Deluxe Can of Calm. 

Following on from the success of The little Can of ‘Can-Do’ a fun and simple well-being tool for Kids, husband and wife duo Simon Baghomian and Hayley Simpson founders of the company have turned their thoughts to the adults with their latest addition to the range promoting thoughtfulness and content.

After much demand from parents and grandparents who have bought the Little Can of Can-Do for kids, based on the same premise, this can is full of exercises and prompts to create a more mindful, calmer and happier you. 

Retailing at £24.99 the Deluxe Can of Calm includes 28 circular cards with mindfulness exercises helping you to learn to live in the moment, re-set and increase your well-being. Take a card a day to help build a more positive outlook and create a sense of calm. 

The back of the cards features beautiful illustrations, created especially for the can, to help inspire and lift your mood. 

To help soothe your senses, even more, the Can of Calm also includes a premium scented candle, you can choose between uplifting Wild Bluebell or relaxing English Pear and Freesia. 

The Deluxe Can of Calm

It can be personalised too, making it the perfect gift for creating calm in your life and improving your inner zen! 

Founders Hayley and Simon are based in Bedfordshire. As parents to three girls, two of whom are teenagers, they have become acutely aware of the stresses and distractions that kids face these days. The constant buzzing of their tablet or phone, the impossible expectations created by social media, the never-ending slog of school and homework, the complications of friendship groups and kids… the list is endless and can take the shine away from the brightest child. 

They wanted to create something for kids to engage with, something fun and colourful that included important messages about confidence, mindfulness and gratitude and so the Little Can of Can-Do was born.  Launching just as the first lockdown hit, they have since gone on to create A Little Can of Social Media, a Deluxe Can of Can-Do which includes fairy lights so kids can create a wall of positivity after carrying out the exercises, The Little Can of Calm and now the Deluxe Can of Calm. 

Their ambition is to grow their ‘little cans’ to cover a wide variety of issues and help people, young and old, to de-stress, enjoy life and be grateful.  Their cans have been created to give daily doses of affirmation to help build a can-do attitude and a positive and calm mindset. This has become even more prevalent in these strange times. 

The Little Company of Can-Do is working with a children’s mental health charity YiS (Young People’s Mental Health with a small percentage of profits for each can sold going to help children with mental health problems.

They have also begun to work in partnership with charities, schools and social workers on providing large quantities of cans as well-being tools for children.

This is a tremendous achievement and could have come along at a better time, with all the turmoil surrounding our lives.

It’s important to look after our own well-being as a priority, as we are then able to help and care for others who also need help.

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