The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge

Lots of us are using this extra time at home for more cooking, and to sort out our kitchens.  It’s a good time to rationalise kitchen equipment and research additional or replacement items.  Having the right knife to use for a specific job helps you cook safely and more efficiently.  I noticed that Viners has launched a range of knives that are ideal for letting those ‘home school pupils’ try their hand at cooking.  Its Assure range offers a squarer shape, eliminating the tip of the knife to make it safer to use, without compromising on performance. And with prices starting from just £4 for a small knife, they’re very reasonably priced too, so I asked Viners which knives they think will give you with the cutting edge and help make your food preparation easier: 

Chef’s Knife: The multi-purpose chef’s knife is one of the most popular knives used in the kitchen, catering for all manner of culinary tasks. This large knife makes light work of mincing and chopping vegetables, as well as slicing meat with precision.

Paring Knife: Ideal for small and precise jobs like trimming mushrooms and strawberries, the short bladed knife is one of the most used knives in a chef’s kitchen. It’s perfect for paring, peeling and slicing ingredients.

Utility Knife: Small slicing tasks are easy with a utility knife. Good for mincing shallots, fine-slicing herbs and trimming vegetables, it’s a multi-tasker. With a blade slightly longer than a paring knife, and being more agile and nimble than a larger chef’s knife, it’s the perfect size blade for cutting through sandwiches, and slicing, cutting and portioning large chunks of cheese.

Bread Knife: You would think it’s all in the name, but a bread knife also makes light work of slicing through fruit and vegetables with tough, waxy or slippery outer skins too. From pineapples and watermelons, to large tomatoes, the long, serrated blade will cleanly slice without tearing.

Santoku Knife: Originating from Japan, a Santoku knife is designed to slide fresh meat or fish. The Japanese word translates as ‘three virtues’ and refers to the three tasks in which the knife performs brilliantly: slicing, dicing and mincing. Shallow dimples create air pockets between the blade and meat, reducing friction and allowing for much thinner slices.

Carving Knife: A carving knife is the ideal partner for separating meat from the bone and portioning cuts of meat for serving. The narrow blade gives you full control over your roasts, and also allows you to fillet large pieces of fish.

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