The Best New True Crime Stories

The Best New True Crime Stories

The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues &  Criminals/ from acclaimed author and anthology editor Mitzi Szereto.  

For true crime lovers, this is the book to read in 2021! 
Publication date June 15, 2021 (July 15, 2021, for the UK)

 Many of the most successful criminals in history have something in common. they are polite, charming, and loyal only to rules of their own making, it is quite true to say that sometimes the nicest people make the deadliest criminals.

The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues & Criminals reveals true accounts of lawbreakers from the past to the present. Edited by acclaimed author and anthologist Mitzi Szereto, this anthology features all-new stories from award-winning international crime writers, true-crime podcasters, journalists, and experts in the dark crimes. The tales on these pages prove that gentlemanly and gentlewomanly behaviour—which allowed many to escape justice for so long—can often be a killer combination! Crooks, criminals, and serial killers disguise themselves among society by being what you least expect-your friendly next-door neighbour.

Be fascinated by accounts of well-mannered criminals penned by writers such as Dean Jobb, Paul Willetts, Janel Comeau, Morgan Barbour, T. Fox Dunham, David Breakspear, Anthony Ferguson, Mitzi Szereto, and many others.

Meet the real killers. You’ve heard about John Wayne Gacy. You’ve read about Jeffrey Dahmer. You’ve delved into the Ted Bundy fascination. It’s time for you to meet the infamous Naún Briones, who struck fear into the hearts of the rich, and Freddie Brenman, a notorious streetfighter with mysterious ties to the Dillinger Gang. You’ll find yourself realizing that being nice and friendly is a killer combination.

Mitzi Szereto is an author and anthology editor whose books encompass genres ranging from true crime and crime fiction, gothic fiction, and horror, to cosy mystery, satire,  
sci-fi/fantasy, erotic fiction, and general fiction and nonfiction. (Read our Poppy Watt interview with Mitzi here.)

The Best New True Crime Stories

“Conjuring the spirits of Truman Capote and Damon Runyon (with the ghost of Patricia Highsmith looking on), the stories in The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues & Criminals thrillingly depict real-life misdeeds throughout history. An Ecuadorian Robin Hood, an art scandal in Paris, new insights into the life and death of a Depression-era bootlegger—what’s not to love?”—Abbott Kahler, New York Times bestselling author (as Karen  Abbott) of The Ghosts of Eden Park
“What a fantastic collection of spellbinding true crime stories from around the world! Each one is deeply researched, thoughtful and fascinating. This anthology is simply good reading for any fan.”—Kate Winkler Dawson, American Sherlock: Murder, Forensics, and the Birth of  American CSI
“Ever since E.W. Hornung—brother-in-law of Arthur Conan Doyle—introduced the public in 1898 to his character A.J. Raffles, genteel, cricket-playing thief, the notion of the nonviolent criminal, from Robin Hood to Danny Ocean, has captured the public’s attention. No blood, no gore: just people trying to scrape a living off the earnings of others. In her latest compendium, Mitzi Szereto has brought together a terrifically readable collection of new and intriguing case histories, including John Dillinger’s bagman and Ching  Shih, the nineteenth-century woman pirate of the South China  Sea.”—J.P. Smith, author of If She Were Dead and The Summoning
“Mitzi Szereto and a stellar group of authors bring us The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues & Criminals. Real-life Robin Hoods, smooth-talking charmers and gentlemen robbers, and an unforgettable cast of criminal characters. True crime storytelling at its very best!”—Dan Zupansky, author and host of True  
“Readers have always been fascinated by charismatic criminals, from  A.J. Raffles to Tom Ripley, and this anthology examines the nefarious activities of a very diverse bunch of their real-life counterparts.”—Martin Edwards, The Crime Writers’ Association Diamond  Dagger award-winning author of Mortmain Hall and The Golden Age of  Murder
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