The benefits of living in a mixed development building

The benefits of living in a mixed development building

The benefits of living in a mixed development building – Convenience is a growing concern for buyers and renters all over the world. An apartment may be near the office but may also be located miles away from the nearest transport link out of the city. Finding an apartment that ticks every box can seem like an impossible task in today’s oversaturated housing market. This is where mixed development buildings come in. With suitable homes and ample retail opportunities available under the same roof, there really is no need to go elsewhere. Continue reading to find out why a mixed development building should be your next housing choice.  

They are convenient 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of mixed development buildings is unparalleled convenience. With everything you could ever want or need within the same four walls, you really can achieve the philosophy of life, work and play. Most mixed development buildings contain a variety of retail outlets to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements. This almost always includes one or more grocery store. A grocery store located within an apartment building can benefit busy families or single professionals with a little less time to spare. This allows for greater and quicker access to several essential food items such as milk, bread, and eggs. Mixed development buildings, such as people’s park centre in Singapore, can also assist residents with the weekly food shop. By simply venturing downstairs to fetch supplies, you can save time and money on driving or taking public transport to supermarkets located further afield. You can also reduce the risk of injury or strain caused by heavy bags after a large food shop as they are only required to be carried a short distance back to your apartment. If your cupboards are a little bare or if you just fancy treating yourself, there is also often a wide variety of restaurants and cafes located on the ground floor that are guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling.  

They can save you money 

While the high cost of purchasing or renting within a mixed development building can deter potential residents, it can significantly reduce your living costs. Car and travel costs are one of the largest expenses for a growing number of people. According to a recent survey, car ownership is the second-largest expenditure in the US after housing costs. By cutting back on travel costs, you can free up a large sum of money for living expenses or to save for future endeavours. Living in a mixed development building reduces the need to travel as often and for as long with a wide range of local amenities and services provided under the same roof. Mixed development buildings have been known to house grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, pubs, beauty salons, clothing stores and even cinemas. By reducing the need to travel, you can save money on fuel costs and regular vehicle upkeep and maintenance. You can also save money on public transport or vehicle for hire services as you will be less inclined to travel outside of your local housing area. 

They are in a great location

Most mixed development buildings have been designed with convenience in mind. As a result of this, many have been constructed within the city centre or in urban areas. This reduces the need to travel elsewhere and increases the overall market value of a specific geographical location. With residents snapping up available apartments and visitors flocking to experience the wide variety of entertainment and recreational amenities on offer, the value of the building only increases over time. You must familiarise yourself with the various pros and cons associated with living in a mixed development building. Location is a key factor during the buying process, but you must also consider housing costs, noise levels, and available parking. 

They can be an investment 

Mixed development buildings can also be a solid investment for homeowners looking to expand upon their existing property portfolio or that simply want to make a bit of extra cash. By selling your apartment, you are guaranteed to find an interested buyer on the hunt for a home that offers the same great benefits as yours. With so much on offer, you may be inundated with hundreds of offers from potential homeowners looking to cut down on travel costs and live an easier life. As well as selling, there is also the opportunity to rent to prospective tenants who want to benefit from the same level of convenience without the hefty price tag. 

A mixed development building has become a popular housing choice for renters and buyers all over the world regardless of age, gender, or profession. With practicality and convenience as key driving forces behind the construction of mixed development buildings, a growing number of people are choosing to pack up and move in. Why would you settle for anything less? 

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