Ten Tips to Healthy Hair​

Ten Tips to Healthy Hair​

1. Always try to use conditioner after you have shampooed your hair. However, don’t make the mistake that many people succumb to. Only apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair, where the moisture is needed most. Putting it on all over will only make the hair greasy.

2. Before you wash your hair, always try and run a brush through it. This helps the circulation of blood flow through to the scalp.

3. When you rinse your hair after shampooing make sure you conduct your final rinse with cold water. Hot water and steam can damage the ends.

4. Always “pat” rather than “rub” dry your hair after washing. Rubbing the ends together can cause ends to split.

5. When you blow-dry your hair try to keep the hairdryer quite far away from your head. People make the common mistake of putting the dryer too close and this can lead to the hair burning.

6. If you use hairspray, hold the canister at a decent distance away from your head – about 30cm – otherwise, you can damage your hair.

7. When you go swimming either apply a moisture product to your hair or alternatively wear a cap because prolonged spells in the water – especially water filled with chlorine – can dry out your hair.

8. People often give themselves a face mask once a week and the same principle can be applied to the hair. Hair masks are readily available and they help keep the hair looking healthy and fresh.

9. Depending on your skin and hair type, you may not need to wash your hair every day. As a guideline, for normal skin/hair types, every other day should suffice although this is still a very personal matter.

10. With so many shampoos on the market, be sure to seek out professional advice as to which one you should use. Aside from the many brands available, there are also a great number of different types of products from volume-enhancing to colour enhancing. Get the right one for you otherwise, you will never get the best out of your hairstyle.

Poppy Watt

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